The proud wielder of the Cosmic Staff, Courtney Whitmore has fought evil as a member of the Justice Society and Justice League.

As a teenager growing up around Los Angeles, all Courtney Whitmore cared about was shopping and boys. But when she moved across the country with her mom and her new stepfather, she fell into a whole new life and discovered what she was really capable of when she learned her new stepdad wasn't as much of a dweeb as she thought he was, and in fact was once a superhero. She soon took on the mantle of her stepdad's former partner, the Star-Spangled Kid, and the duo became the American Midwest's new favorite crimefighters.

Filled with buckets of bright, youthful optimism, Courtney, later given the name Stargirl, became one of the newer generation of heroes to join the Justice Society of America. She proved herself among heroes who had served as far back as World War II, earning their respect even though she was still a teenager, not exactly an easy task. She would later become a member of two different iterations of the Justice League. Representing the legacy of some of the greatest heroes who ever lived, Stargirl continues to do proud by the superhero community.

For more on Stargirl's history, visit her page on DCUniverse.com.


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