Absolute Power – The Super Heroes of the DC Universe Reap a Bitter Harvest This September!

Absolute Power Join the Resistance

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Brainiac, Failsafe and Amanda Waller keep the pressure on to eliminate the metahuman threat as Absolute Power barrels into September. Here’s what’s in store:

Absolute power 3 main cover
Absolute Power 3 variant cover Deodato

Absolute Power #3 – September 4

Written by Mark Waid and featuring incredible art from Dan Mora, the DC Super Heroes are on the run following the Trinity of Evil’s devastating attack on Superman’s Fortress of Solitude!

With the Man of Steel’s headquarters in ruins, and the metahuman powers on planet Earth in the hands of Amanda Waller, Failsafe, and the Brainiac Queen, Theymscira is the last hope for the Super Heroes of the DCU. But Wonder Woman’s home is well-known for its suspicion toward outsiders…

As the battle for “absolute power” rages on, can Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and the rest of the depowered heroes strike an alliance with these elite Amazonian warriors?

Absolute Power #3 features a main cover by series artist Mora, with variant covers by Ivan Talavera, Carla Cohen, Mike Deodato Jr., Stephen Bliss and Marc Aspinall, plus a raised UV variant cover by Trevor Hairsine, the seventh of twelve connecting covers by John Timms, and a “Power Participation” variant cover by Mark Spears.

Absolute Power Super Son main cover
Absolute Power Super Son variant cover (Lucio)

Absolute Power: Super Son #1 – September 18

Following the events of Absolute Power #1 and #2: Jon Kent will have suffered the most at the hands of the Trinity of Evil, but he will soon summon the will to fight back. Co-written by Nicole Maines (Suicide Squad: Dream Team) and Sina Grace (Superman: The Harvests of Youth) with art by John Timms and Travis Mercer, Absolute Power: Super Son is an oversized one-shot that takes Jon Kent to the depths of despair, reckoning with his own past to save his future while paving the way for a critical new chapter in his heroic journey.

This can’t-miss one-shot features a main cover and foil variant cover by Timms, with additional variant covers courtesy of Lucio Parrillo and Reiko Murakami.

Absolute Power Task Force VII #6 main cover
Absolute Power Task Force VII #7 main cover

Absolute Power: Task Force VII

DC’s Super Heroes continue to battle Amanda Waller’s Amazo robots as the Absolute Power: Task Force VII series continues!

On September 11, it’s Amazo vs. Amazon in Absolute Power: Task Force VII #6, written by Stephanie Williams with art by Khary Randolph. Amanda Waller comes for the Amazons of Themyscira with an Amazo robot that has the powers of Wonder Woman, Themyscira’s greatest champion! Will Waller’s agent unlock the secrets of the Amazon stronghold, or will Queen Nubia and her sisters in arms send this robot on a one-way trip to the Underworld? Pete Woods provides the main cover, with variants by Leirix, issue artist Randolph and Stephen Platt, plus the tenth of twelve connecting variant covers by John Timms, and a foil variant by Absolute Power series artist Dan Mora.

On sale September 25, Absolute Power: Task Force #7 introduces the Amazo robot known as the Global Guardian. In this finale to the Absolute Power: Task Force VII saga, Martian Manhunter provides a glimmer of resistance against the Trinity of Evil, along with a new generation of fighters not of this world to revolt against Brainiac, Failsafe and Amanda Waller.

Dan Watters writes Absolute Power: Task Force VII #7, with art and main cover by Pete Woods. Rahzzah, Tom Raney and Stephen Platt provide variant covers, with the eleventh of twelve connecting variant covers by John Timms, plus a foil variant cover by Dan Mora.

Absolute Power Origins #3 main cover
Absolute Power Origins #3 variant cover

Absolute Power: Origins #3

On September 25, Academy Award-winning screenwriter John Ridley and artist Alitha Martinez deliver a thrilling and intense conclusion to the origin of Amanda Waller.

Amanda Waller’s journey has brought her to hell and back—from the blood-soaked streets of Chicago to the over-the-top exploits of her very own Task Force X, a.k.a. the Suicide Squad. Now, with the clock ticking on ultimate victory over the metahumans of planet Earth, the origin of DC’s most methodical menace draws to a close. But what secrets lie within the terrifying alien mind of the Brainiac Queen—and will “the Wall” survive the very seeds she herself has sown?

The final issue of Absolute Power: Origins features a main cover by Edwin Galmon, with a variant cover by Ken Lashley.

Batman 152 main cover
Superman #18 main cover
Wonder Woman #13 main cover
Green Lantern #15 main cover
Green Arrow 16 main cover

Absolute Power Tie-In Titles Available in September

The Trinity of Evil’s ploy to eradicate metahumans continues to affect DC’s Super Heroes on a personal level throughout September.

In Batman #152, the Dark Knight and Catwoman join forces with the Suicide Squad in an Absolute Power tie-in story by Chip Zdarsky and Mike Hawthorne.

Batman and Catwoman must find the key to Amanda Waller’s plans in an extremely remote—and shockingly dangerous—location! Living (and dying) up to their name, some of the Suicide Squad won’t be coming back from their mission, but will Batman and Catwoman stay free to fight another day? Batman #152 arrives at participating comic book shops September 4.

On September 11, the Green Lantern #15 team of writer Jeremy Adams and artists Fernando Pasarin and Oclair Albert take Hal Jordan into the “Danger Zone,” as he continues the fight against the Trinity of Evil. With the skies above Earth patrolled by Amanda Waller’s modified Amazo robots and his Power Battery a continent away, Hal will “borrow” the Dark Knight’s Batplane!

The battle for the soul of Metropolis takes place on September 18 in the pages of Superman #18, ending with a shocking cliffhanger that affects the future of the Superman Family titles!

In this issue by Joshua Williamson and Jamal Campbell, Amanda Waller has the superheroes of the DC Universe on the ropes! Can a powerless Superman and Zatanna find the mystical map to the Dark Roads in time to get some major backup? Meanwhile, Lex Luthor, Lois Lane, Mercy Graves, Jimmy Olsen, and Silver Banshee are on the run from the super-powered Amazo robots, and they soon find themselves part of Metropolis’s last stand.

Also available September 18, Diana and Damian Wayne finally find Amanda Waller’s Gamorran super-prison, which holds the powerless heroes they once fought alongside. Can Wonder Woman and Robin break them out before they become trapped themselves? And who is the mysterious ally that might hold the key to everything? Find out in Wonder Woman #13, written by Tom King, with art by Tony S. Daniel.

On September 25, Green Arrow and his allies are up against a wall. And it’s not Amanda Waller, but her agent of destruction, Bright. Who is Bright and why does he hate Green Arrow and his family? Ollie must decide if he should save his family, even if it means they become locked up in Waller’s super-prison! Joshua Williamson and Amancay Nahuelpan provide words and art for Green Arrow #16.

All Absolute Power main and tie-in titles are available for pre-order at participating comic book shops and online retailers beginning Thursday, June 14.

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