Absolute Power: Brainiac, Failsafe, and Amanda Waller Turn Up the Heat on DC’s Super Heroes in August!

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DC’s monumental Absolute Power event continues as Brainiac, Failsafe, and Amanda Waller keep the pressure on the super heroes of the DC Universe this summer! Here’s a roundup of what’s in store this August!

Absolute Power #2 Main Cover
Absolute Power #2 Variant Szerdy

Absolute Power #2, On Sale August 7

The metahumans of the DC Universe have been depowered, scattered to the wind, and sent reeling from critical defeats across the planet! But the resistance lives on; any heroes not rounded up by the “Trinity of Evil” have assembled at Superman’s Fortress of Solitude. But even this sanctuary of peace and hope is not safe from Waller’s blitzkrieg. The precog known as Dreamer has pointed Waller’s weapons to the frozen tundra where the heroes lick their wounds. And in a shocking act of betrayal, this team will be led by a new addition to the Trinity of Evil, a hero now turned enemy.

Written by Mark Waid with art by Dan Mora, Absolute Power #2 features a main cover by Mora, with variant covers by Stephen Bliss, Lucio Parrillo, Tyler Kirkham, Nathan Szerdy, and Simone Di Meo, plus a raised UV variant cover from Ben Oliver and the sixth of twelve connecting covers by John Timms.

Absolute Power TF7 #4 Main Cover
Absolute Power TF7 #5 Main Cover

Absolute Power: Task Force VII

DC’s Super Heroes continue to mount a resistance to Failsafe and Amanda Waller’s Amazo army in the next two issues of Absolute Power: Task Force VII!

On August 14, Failsafe takes center stage in Absolute Power: Task Force VII #4. The relentless android with all of Batman’s skills and none of his morality hunts Nightwing and his newest recruits in a chilling story from acclaimed writer Pornsak Pichetshote, with art by Claire Roe. Even though Nightwing is rallying a surprising roster of allies, it might not be enough to save them from the consequences of Failsafe finding their hidden base of operations. Pete Woods provides the main cover for this issue, with variant covers by Steve Beach, Belén Ortega, and Stephen Platt, plus another connecting variant cover by John Timms and a foil variant cover from Absolute Power series artist Dan Mora.

On August 28, Barry Allen is the last speedster with powers, and he’ll have to be fast enough to stay ahead of Velocity, the Amazo robot powered by the combined speed of the rest of the Flash Family, before time runs out. Absolute Power: Task Force VII #5 is written by Alex Paknadel with art by Pete Woods, who also provides the main cover for this issue. Variant covers are provided by Salvador Larroca, Taurin Clarke, and Stephen Platt, plus another connecting variant cover from John Timms and a foil variant cover by Dan Mora.

Absolute Power Origins #2 Main Cover
Absolute Power Origins #2 Variant Cover

Absolute Power: Origins #2, On Sale August 28

Fan-favorite DC artist Norm Rapmund joins Alitha Martinez and writer John Ridley to continue the rise of Amanda Waller from tragic victim to the ruthless queen of black ops in the DC Universe.

Waller has suffered immeasurable personal loss, and with it, she has lost her humanity. Now, after having blazed her own trail into Washington politics, “the Wall” launches the next phase of her career: TASK FORCE X. Witness the rise of one of the deadliest teams ever to roam the DC Universe and a shocking revelation that will make history! Edwin Galmon provides the stunning main cover highlighting the many fan-favorite members of the Suicide Squad, with an equally beautiful variant cover by Mateus Manhanini.

Batman #151 Main Cover
Green Lantern #14 main cover
Superman #17 main cover
Wonder Woman #12 main cover
Green Arrow 15 main cover

Absolute Power Tie-In Titles On Sale Throughout August

The seismic impact of Absolute Power continues to reverberate across the DC Universe in several must-read tie-in titles available throughout August!

On August 7, Batman and Catwoman plan the ultimate heist to aid the resistance in Batman #151. In the main story by Chip Zdarsky and Mike Hawthorne, a device critical to Amanda Waller’s plans is hidden on a remote, highly protected island. Batman can get there, but only one burglar has a chance of stealing the device and getting it off the island safely. But the device isn’t what they expect, and escaping the island turns out to be the least of their problems! And in the backup story, Zdarsky and artist Marianna Ignazzi reveal the chaos unleashed in Gotham City when the Bat-Family is nowhere to be found and an unlikely hero emerges.                                        

In Green Lantern #14 (available August 14), Hal Jordan must don the weapons of some of DC’s most infamous super-villains to escape the clutches of Amanda Waller and reconnect with the heroes, who are ramping up for retaliation, in the main story from writer Jeremy Adams and artist Fernando Pasarin. Meanwhile, Carol Ferris learns what it means to be a hero as she embarks on her own quest to help others during this time of crisis. This issue also features an all-new backup story from writer Marc Guggenheim and artist Darick Robertson chronicling the rise of the Shadow Lanterns.

On August 21, Superman #17 features a team-up between the Man of Steel and Zatanna, the DCU’s backward-speaking spell-slinger, written by Joshua Williamson with art by Jamal Campbell. After the traumatic events of Absolute Power #2, Superman and Zatanna trek into the darkest areas of the DC Universe to find a way to stop Amanda Waller and her growing army. Powerless and without magic, are they willing to make a deal with a devil to save the world?

Also available August 21, a new dynamic duo makes its debut in Wonder Woman #12! Diana teams up with the unlikeliest of allies, Damian Wayne, on a top secret mission to save their fellow heroes. In this story from Tom King and Tony S. Daniel, find out if Wonder Woman and Robin’s plan to break into Gamorra’s supermax prison will be a successful one, or part of a more elaborate trap!

Green Arrow #15 completes the roster of Absolute Power tie-in titles on August 28. Joshua Williamson and Amancay Nahuelpan put bow slingers Arsenal, Connor Hawke, Red Canary, Red Arrow, Lian Harper, and Arrowette in battle with Amanda Waller’s Task Force X agents (led by the mysterious agent Bright) to keep her from getting Professor Ivo to Gamorra.

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