Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League has promised an expansive future for the game. With the launch of Kill the Justice League’s first “season,” which adds an alternate Earth Joker to the Task Force X lineup, you can’t help but wonder who else the game may have in store for us. With the exception of King Shark, the members of Rocksteady’s Suicide Squad have largely lacked superpowers: Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Captain Boomerang and now the Joker. But what would it be like if the game were to introduce metahumans and aliens onto the Suicide Squad? It’s certainly fun to speculate, so as we wait for news on the next playable villain to join the ranks, let’s unpack what a Suicide Squad lineup might look like with these five baddies on the team.


Metallo is a man who was transformed into a figurative gun. His kryptonite heart and metal skeleton have made him a formidable opponent for Superman over the years, so you know he can go toe-to-toe with the rest of the League as well. Kill the Justice League’s story has already featured gold kryptonite, and Metallo’s ties to other types of kryptonite could be used to fashion all kinds of new weapons.

The tense relationship that Metallo has had with Superman over the years puts him in a compelling spot for the mission Task Force X needs to undertake. Evident in Phillip Kennedy Johnson’s Action Comics run, so much of the drama between Metallo and Superman rests in the Man of Steel’s belief that he can reform this troubled cyborg. However, news of Superman’s corruption at the hands of Brainiac in Kill the Justice League would likely push Metallo to rethink parts of his own identity. While Kill the Justice League’s tone is often lighthearted and irreverent, Metallo could lend the fate of the world’s greatest heroes some contemplative gravitas.

Black Manta

Black Manta is arguably the single greatest hater in the DC Universe. Certainly, his commitment to ruining Aquaman’s life is rivaled only by the Reverse-Flash’s disdain for Barry Allen. This sea pirate offers the chance for Rocksteady to incorporate more Atlantean elements in the world of Kill the Justice League. In his 2021-2022 miniseries, Manta was revealed to have Atlantean DNA, a shocking change to his status quo that Rocksteady should absolutely take advantage of.

Additionally, what is there not to love about Black Manta’s enormous helmet and its powerful eyebeams? While the Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League characters rely on a mix of guns and melee weapons, Manta could use his helmet and a trident in his loadout. I, for one, would love to wield an Atlantean trident in a video game.

Mirror Master

With Captain Boomerang, elements of the Flash’s comic book lore are already in Kill the Justice League. And the wonderful thing about the Flash is that his villains, particularly the ones who have been members of the Rogues, all have distinctive powers. Mirror Master, for instance, can access a mirror dimension, and transport himself through mirrors. Since so much of the combat in Kill the Justice League relies on characters staying mobile to evade Brainiac’s goons, Mirror Master is a perfect fit. And just think of the new aspects it could bring to the game. Creating mirrors with Mirror Master’s mirror gun could offer a mind-bending challenge that would test players’ spatial reasoning skills in the game. Kind of like Portal, but with Terminauts.


So far, Kill the Justice League has set up a humans vs. aliens conflict, with Brainiac’s forces being the only extraterrestrial force in the game besides Superman. But introducing elements of Jack Kirby’s Fourth World could seriously stir up the status quo of the game. Kalibak, a son of Darkseid, could be a perfect brawler for Kill the Justice League.

There’s an animalistic quality to Kalibak, though he’s without the charisma and sensitivity of King Shark. While Kill the Justice League is heavy on shooting, Kalibak could operate as a tank character, with plenty of opportunities for melee attacks. Plus, Kalibak’s relationship with Darkseid could be a compelling foil to King Shark’s strained relationship with his own father, and just think about all of the fun you could have with boom tubes!


Livewire is another Superman villain, and her powers are based in electricity. She can absorb and manipulate electrical energy, while also taking on its form, allowing her to move anywhere almost instantly. When Livewire is fully charged up, she gets super strength, which could be an excellent ability that players could charge up over the course of a fight.

Given the role that Lex Luthor plays in fashioning weapons for the Squad in the game, Livewire’s powers could be reimagined in exciting ways. Grenades are an important part of the Squad’s loadout. Could Livewire’s powers be used to create some new ones? There are lots of possibilities here.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is now available on PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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