DC Preview: Titans: Beast World #1 – Beast Boy Becomes a Starro as the Titans Take On the Necrostar, Continuing the Dawn of DC and Setting the Stage for DC’s 2024 Publishing Plans

Preview Page Titans Beast World 6
prevew page 2, Titans Beast World

        An Ancient Evil Threatens the Future of the DC Universe, and the Titans,

Led by a Transformed Garfield Logan, Are All That Stands in the Way

Titans Beast World #1 Main Cover
Titans Beast World #1 Beast Boy Variant

Debut Issue on Sale at Participating Comic Book Shops and E-tailers Tuesday, November 28

The Dawn of DC continues into 2024 with the launch of Titans: Beast World! With a gripping main series by Tom Taylor, Ivan Reis, and Danny Miki, plus tie-in one-shots showing the impact on the iconic cities populating the DC Universe, this is an event that will have significant ramifications for DC’s publishing plans in 2024!

The action kicks off with Titans: Beast World #1, in stores Tuesday, November 28. The Necrostar, a godlike being with a thirst for conquest, is awakened, and the Titans, along with the rest of the Super Heroes of the DC Universe, team up to fight this horrible threat. Gar Logan, a.k.a. Beast Boy, comes up with an unexpected solution, fighting fire with fire as he transforms into the only thing that can take on a giant, star-shaped cosmic creature.      

Titans Beast World #1 Nightwing Variant
Titans Beast World #1 Donna Troy variant


The debut issue of this can’t-miss series features a main cover by Ivan Reis, Danny Miki, and Brad Anderson, plus variant covers by Bruno Redondo (Beast Boy), Björn Barends (Nightwand Stanley “Artgerm” Lau (Donna Troy). Barends will provide variant covers for all six issues of Titans: Beast World, forming one connecting image.

In addition, the complete Titans: Beast World series will feature lenticular variant covers, based on art by Clayton Henry and Marcelo Maiolo, showing Beast Boy and DC’s Super Heroes changing into their bestial forms. The lenticular variant covers for issue #1, as well as those for issue #2 (on sale December 12) and issue #3 (on sale December 26), are available for preorder now; check with your local comic book shop for ordering details and availability.

Titans Beast World Lenticular Variant Beast Boy
Titans Beast World Lenticular Variant Black Adam
Titans Beast World Lenticular variant Batman

More details on Titans: Beast World and its impact on the DC Universe in 2024 are still to come, so make sure and check out the official website at www.dc.com and follow @DCOfficial and @thedcnation on social media for the most up-to-date information. For more exceptional tales of the Titans and comics written by Tom Taylor, the DC UNIVERSE INFINITE digital subscription platform (DCUI) features an incredible selection of stories, including the iconic New Teen Titans by George Pérez and Marv Wolfman, as well as Titans, the Injustice series, DCeased, and Dark Knights of Steel, all written by Taylor. For more information and a free trial, visit the website at www.dcuniverseinfinite.com. DCUI is not available in all countries and is not intended for children.