QUIZ: Which of We Found a Monster's Creatures Are You?

QUIZ: Which of We Found a Monster's Creatures Are You?

By Kelly Knox Tuesday, January 26th, 2021

Winged or wet? Fanged or furry? Take our quick quiz and discover which We Found a Monster creature you are!

Casey Clive seems like your average kid. He lives in the small town of Serena Mar with his dad and likes to spend his time drawing and watching monster movies. But Casey has a secret—he’s a real-life monster magnet! Creatures of all shapes and sizes have moved into his house and it appears that only Casey can see them. Fortunately, Casey’s monstrous new roommates aren’t scary or spooky. In fact, he thinks of them as friends.

One day a new girl named Zandra moves to town. She’s a little weird, and it turns out she can see monsters too! But is she hiding a secret of her own?

You’ll meet Casey, Zandra and their beastly buddies in DC’s newest middle grade graphic novel, We Found a Monster by Kirk Scroggs (The Secret Spiral of Swamp Kid). Wondering which monster you might be if you moved to Serena Mar? Take the quiz below to find out!

1. What is your favorite color?

A. Gray
B. Orange
C. Green
D. Pink. No, blue. No, purple!
E. Blue

2. How tall are you?

A. Average height
B. A little above average
C. Small
D. Ginormous
E. Above above average

3. What are your most distinguishing features?

A. Two fangs
B. Tentacles
C. Lots of sharp teeth
D. Fur and horns
E. Scars

4. What are your hobbies?

A. Science experiments
B. Swimming
C. Fiddling with machines
D. Physical activities and sports
E. Plugging in and zoning out

5. What’s your typical outfit for the day?

A. Jeans and a T-shirt with holes for your wings
B. Swim shorts
C. Don’t have one—an outfit, that is
D. Something soft and fuzzy
E. Mismatched clothes and torn pants

6. What is your favorite food?

A. Raspberry and mango smoothie
B. Hot dogs
C. Metal bits and bolts
D. Cereal
E. Who needs food?

7. What else do you like to do for fun?

A. Go out at night
B. Collect stickers
C. Play pranks
D. Play ping-pong with friends
E. Just chill out and recharge

8. What is your superpower?

A. Flight
B. Teleportation
C. Can eat anything (seriously, anything)
D. Super strong
E. Invisibility...kinda

Now it’s time to add up your score! You get:

1 Point for every A you chose
2 Points for every B you chose
3 Points for every C you chose
4 Points for every D you chose
5 Points for every E you chose


Score: 1-9
You are She-Bat!

She-Bat was once a doctor and scientist named Dr. Francine Langstrom. Now she’s also a winged creature of the night who may or might not drink blood! But she also enjoys a good raspberry smoothie with a hint of mango.

She-Bat lives in Casey’s attic. She’s super smart and loves science. She enjoys research, scientific experiments and going out at night to do…we’re not exactly sure what.

Score: 10-16
You are Topo!

Topo is part octopus, part hermit crab, part human and a completely good friend. Topo can hydroport, or teleport between bodies of water, and take others along for the ride. He enjoys hanging out in Casey’s kiddie pool and bathtub. His large shell is decorated with the colorful stickers he’s collected over the years.

Topo gives Casey advice and often lends a sympathetic ear. (At least, we think he has ears.) Rumor has it that the ocean dweller knows Aquaman and Mera personally, but he’ll neither confirm nor deny if that’s true.

Score: 17-24
You are a gremlin!

The green-skinned gremlins might only be two feet tall, but they are full of trouble. A gremlin’s favorite treat is anything metal or mechanical. TV on the fritz? Blow dryer suddenly go kaput? A gremlin might have just finished his snacking on the parts that made them work!

Gremlins are prone to mischief. Whether they’re munching on the remote control or refusing to put on any pants, where gremlins go, trouble isn’t too far behind.

Score: 25-32
You are Spot!

Spot is very large, covered in fur, and sports three horns from his head. He might look imposing, but Spot is actually a big softie. He often changes the color of his fur depending on his mood. He might be green, blue, pink or purple, depending on the day.

Spot enjoys physical activities. He’s a little too big for the trampoline, and table tennis, and dancing video games… Well, okay, he’s a little too big and strong for just about everything. Spot gives it his all anyway. He’s a good friend and a monster you want by your side.

Score: 33-40
You are Frankenstein!

Frankenstein, or Franky, is made of mismatched monster parts. He has an invisible arm and two werewolf legs that get extra hairy during a full moon. A charging bolt in his head turns electricity into food for the funny Franky. He enjoys plugging in to the wall and chilling out on a quiet night.

Franky takes a little while to warm up to new people (and monsters), but once you’re his friend, he’s always got your back.

Get to know a lot more about She-Bat, Topo, the gremlins, Spot and Frankenstein in We Found a Monster, available now at bookstores, comic shops, libraries and digital comic retailers everywhere!

So, which monster did you get? Let us know your particular breed of beast over in the DC Community!

Kelly Knox writes about all-ages comics and animation for DCComics.com and her writing can also be seen on IGN, Nerdist, Geek & Sundry and more. Follow her on Twitter at @kelly_knox to talk superheroes, comics and crafts.