There’s no doubt that Dick Grayson, Rachel Roth, Gar Logan, Kory Anders and the all other super-powered teens and twentysomethings on Titans are superheroes…but they don’t always dress the part. Dick and his successor Jason Todd both mask up as Nightwing and Robin, while Hawk and Dove go full-feathered when they’re out fighting crime, but the rest of the crew tend to prefer street clothes. However, that might be changing as Titans makes its way to HBO Max, as it appears Anna Diop will finally be suiting up as Starfire in the show’s third season.

Titans released a first look image of Starfire’s new suit, and it’s making us pretty happy. Created by costume designer Laura Jean Shannon, Starfire’s traditional purple and gold are well represented in the new suit, as are the emerald gems that have been a part of her more recent costumes. Beyond that, the outfit looks distinctly extraterrestrial, making it clear that Kory’s origins lay far outside our galaxy. We don’t know about you, but we can’t wait to see it in action!

We obviously don’t know what prompts Kory to adopt the new threads, but the end of season two certainly signals that big things are ahead for the wayward Tamaranian princess. (Spoiler alert for anyone who’s not caught up on the series.) When last we left Kory, she had spurned her kingdom’s attempts to bring her back to Tamaran, which resulted in her sister, Blackfire, seizing the throne and killing their parents. At the end of the season, Blackfire was seen on Earth, presumably there to eliminate the one remaining claimant to Tamaran’s throne.

In other words, we know Blackfire’s going to be a big part of Titans season three, which suggests Starfire will play a prominent role as well. And with such an emphasis on Koriand’r’s family legacy and lore, it’s nice to see her fully embrace her destiny as one of Earth’s greatest heroes.

Additional details about Titans’ third season are limited, but we do know it’ll take place in Gotham and will feature some familiar residents like Barbara Gordon and Dr. Jonathan Crane. We also know that the season’s other main villain seems to be Jason Todd, who will return to Gotham angry for vengeance after adopting his Red Hood persona. Beyond that, your guess about what we might be seeing when Titans returns next year—along with who else might be suiting up—is as good as ours.

For now, though, let us know what you think about Starfire’s updated look! And do you think it’s too much to hope for Silkie in season four?

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