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Leveling Up: Wonder Women Save The Multiverse

Leveling Up: Wonder Women Save The Multiverse

By Nick Mindicino Friday, July 31st, 2020

If you’re a gamer and you’re looking to know the score, you’re in the right place! Leveling Up is a recurring feature here in the Daily Star that looks at the past, present and future of DC in video games.

What’s better than one Wonder Woman? Well, nothing really. She’s the best.

Easiest. Blog Post. Ever.

But since you came all this way, we do have a back-up answer prepared. So, let’s try this again--what’s better than one Wonder Woman? FIVE Wonder Women. Can the world handle that much awesome? Is there even a threat in existence that a handful of Wonder Women couldn’t vanquish immediately? How in the Hera could something like this happen? Which Wonder Women are they?

All valid questions, and we’ve got your answers right here thanks to our partners at Dimensional Ink Games.

Welcome to Wonderverse

This whole premise is so extraordinary that we have to start at literally the most basic place: its name. Well, friends, allow us to humbly introduce you to Wonderverse, the brand-new event and episode that’s now live in DC Universe Online.

The partnership between DC and Dimensional Ink Games, DC Universe Online’s developer, began back in 2011, and this popular MMO has kept players on their toes ever since by constantly refreshing its storylines multiple times each year. With special events and episodes surfacing every few months, the masterminds behind this open-world universe are comic fans at heart but they have no reservations about venturing into uncharted territory. So, while all of the plots are inspired by DC’s canon, you can expect to find wholly original storytelling and surprises at every turn.

And that’s what brings us to Wonderverse. The Source Wall has cracked, which means that the Multiverse is now collapsing all around itself. As different universes and worlds merge together, the Themyscira of our Earth becomes a nucleus for the activity and the center stage for a showdown between those who seek to repair the Source Wall and those who greedily aim to benefit from its dismantling.

Who’s Who: Meet the Council

You’ve waited long enough, so let’s jump straight into who our Wonder Women are in this unprecedented event. Not surprisingly, we have the Wonder Woman of our Earth, Diana. She understands what’s happening almost immediately and recognizes that, with fragments of the Source Wall now broken off and scattered, the gods will have a chance to grow even more powerful if they’re able to reclaim those pieces. And when we say gods, we’re not just talking about the Greek Gods of Amazonian lore but also the New Gods. A power struggle amongst all of them quickly ensues, turning Themyscira and the collapsing world at large into a combustible battleground full of threats at every turn.

Diana thus puts out a call for help to anyone who may be listening, and the respondents are both heroes and villains alike, all them united in the joint cause of repairing the Source Wall for the sake of their respective universes.

And, most importantly, four other Wonder Women from throughout the Multiverse answer her call to team up. Can we get a roll call, please? We’re looking at Red Son Wonder Woman, DC Bombshells Wonder Woman, Nubia (Wonder Woman of Earth-23), and Flashpoint Wonder Woman. Together, they comprise the Council of Wonder Women, with Nubia assuming the mantle as their de facto leader throughout the rest of the episode.

Oh My God(s)

“OMG” is certainly an appropriate reaction when you think about battling alongside five Wonder Women, but we do need to talk about the “G” aspect a bit more. That’s because the gods in this episode are our primary adversaries, and they pack quite a punch. Hailing from Greek mythology, we have Zeus, Hera, and Poseidon leading the charge. And, on the New Gods side of the spectrum, the main characters are Grail, Darkseid, and Orion.

When it comes to boss battles, players can expect a new kind of experience within the game compared to previous events. This will be achieved through a raid-like approach where you can simply explore the open world and join in on a fight without having to wait or find a group. As more people band together in real-time, the difficulty level/power of the boss will increase accordingly. Sharp-eyed viewers probably noticed glimpses of these battles in the gameplay trailer, especially at the end when there’s an epic standoff against an ancient monster that’s been unleashed on Themyscira (for all of you mythology buffs, it’s a Hydra).

Another exciting feature of Wonderverse is the expansive landscape of Themyscira that will be open to traverse. It’s as much a key focal point of the plot as it is an invaluable opportunity for players to roam freely in search of friends, foes, and additional secrets that the gods may be hiding.

Want Even More Wonder Woman?

Of course you do!

Since you’ll rightly be spoiled by all of the Wonder Women activity in DC Universe Online, you can rest assured that there will be plenty more to experience on the Wonder Woman front at DC FanDome on August 22. The focus there will of course be on a little movie called Wonder Woman 1984, which is sure to offer some mind-blowing sneak peeks at what’s in store for the Wonder Woman of DC’s film universe. You won’t want to miss it.

In the meantime, feel free to add “council member” to your resume and check out DC Universe Online’s Wonderverse episode, which is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.