Just in time for Valentine’s Day, DC Collectibles is releasing their latest DC Designer Series statue, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy by Emanuela Lupacchino. Fans of these two characters and their close relationship in the comics (and also the current Harley Quinn animated series) will be delighted to finally see them together in one breathtaking new statue.

We all know Valentine’s Day is usually about celebrating love, and these two characters know what it means to be there completely for someone else. They’re the epitome of what it means to be a loyal best friend above all else and always a shoulder to cry on in times of need. Whether it’s Harley’s horrible break-ups with the Joker or her wanting to prove herself as an independent woman, Ivy is always there for Harley to be her number one support. Likewise, as she’s demonstrated in their recent Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy miniseries, there’s little Harley won’t do for Ivy, including taking on the likes of the Floronic Man, Mad Hatter and Batwoman.

That is why this statue is the perfect Valentine’s Day reminder that to love someone can mean many things. But above all else, it’s to always be there for the people you care deeply about, in good times and bad.

The 1:8 scale statue perfectly captures each character’s personalities, and the contrast between them. You can see the playful and bright side of Harley, who is all grins here, along with the more serious side of Ivy. The detail and depth of the statue is enhanced with some unique design qualities, such as the sparkles on Harley’s outfit and her actual fishnet stockings.

“I was so thrilled that DC Collectibles asked me to draw this statue,” said statue designer Emanuela Lupacchino. “I'm a collector and huge fan of statues and they’re two of my favorite characters. The mood of the statue really adds a special touch. The statue came out exactly as I imagined, as I had asked for some details, like the glitter on the shorts and the gold paint.

“Working on collectibles is something I really like to do. It's challenging because as an artist I create and visualize my art as a 2D thing. When I saw the statue, it was like something magical happened and the art came to life.”

The DC Collectibles team also has nothing but good things to say about the process of creating this statue.

“The opportunity to design two of our most popular and favorite characters into one statue was super fun for us,” said DC Collectibles Senior Art Director, Brian Walters. “In addition, once again being able to collaborate with Emanuala Lupacchino and her wonderful design sense and art style, is always a great experience.”

This intricate new collectible was made with a lot of passion and commitment by all involved. Whether, you’re a Harley fan, an Ivy fan or a fan of their remarkable relationship, this statue is one you don’t want to miss adding to your Designer Series collection this month. Or give it to your favorite person this Valentine’s Day and show them how much you care!

DC Designer Series: Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy by Emanuela Lupacchino Statue by DC Collectibles is now available in comic shops, specialty stores and online retailers.

Amanda Levine writes about DC Collectibles, Young Adult comics, cosplay and the DC Universe in general for DCComics.com.