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Lucifer Tempts Us with a New Season 4 Trailer

Lucifer Tempts Us with a New Season 4 Trailer

By Tim Beedle Thursday, April 25th, 2019

Netflix knows what Lucifer fans desire…

The sinfully popular series based on the acclaimed DC Vertigo comic has a new home, a May 8th premiere date and a thrilling new trailer that shows the handsome devil up to his old tricks…and some new ones. Lucifer’s first season on Netflix picks up where his last season ended on Fox. Chloe’s seen his devil face and now has no choice but to accept the truth about him.

Or does she? The always skeptical detective sure seems to be having doubts in this sexy new peek at what’s ahead, which also gives us our first glimpse of Inbar Lavi as Eve (of forbidden fruit fame).

Yes, okay, it sounds like Lucifer and Eve coupling up comes with a lot of potentially world-destroying baggage, but we’re hoping she finds a way to stick around for a while. Especially if she brings the same half-sultry/half-giddy energy to the series that we see in this trailer. Plus, who else is excited for the return of whip-wielding Maze?

In other words, there’s a lot to love in this trailer for Luci-fans, and we are SO HERE for the show’s return. As is Netflix’s style, look for all of Lucifer’s fourth season to be available on May 8th because if there’s one thing the devil is in favor of, it’s a good binge.