Booster Gold and Harley Quinn both know how to cause plenty of chaos, so it’s surprising and more than a little sweet to see them away from the action and enjoying a meal at a sleepy diner in this exclusive sneak peek at HEROES IN CRISIS #1, the debut chapter in Tom King and Clay Mann’s much anticipated new comic book event.

Set at Sanctuary, a top-secret compound in rural Nebraska where heroes can go when the stress of their ongoing battle against evil gets to be too much, Heroes in Crisis is a tragic, gripping mystery that will unspool over nine powerful issues which promise to change the DC Universe forever. Sanctuary is a place of healing and recovery…at least until a horrifying event leaves many of the heroes there dead. Even worse, Booster and Harley look like they may be to blame. That can’t be right, can it?

Fortunately, in this preview the only thing they seem to be guilty of is indulging in some freshly baked pie. But as any farmer in tornado country can tell you, things are always quietest before the storm…

HEROES IN CRISIS #1 by Tom King, Clay Mann and Tomeu Morey is in stores this Wednesday.