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Supergirl: The Other Shoe

Supergirl: The Other Shoe

By Tamara Brooks Monday, June 4th, 2018

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Have you been waiting for the other shoe to drop? Well, this week's Supergirl has not just dropped it—it’s thrown it down from great heights. "Not Kansas" seems like it resolves quite a few things, but that's all a smokescreen for the chaos that’s about to be unleashed.

Life Without Supergirl

First, I thought it was very interesting that they treated Kara's departure in a way that felt like a season finale despite there being two more episodes go. There were going away parties and tearful goodbyes. And then we settled into seeing how everyone would handle things while Supergirl wasn't there.

Never one to shy away from important social topics, J'onn teams up with James to track a civilian with an assault rifle that basically matches DEO's specialized weaponry. The episode does a good job at showing both sides of the personal armament debate (it would've been nice to see James and Lena discuss it more, but there just wasn't time) while showing the dubious corporate side. Ultimately, I like J'onn's decision to move to strictly non-lethal weapons at the DEO. I mean, admittedly I thought that's what they were doing this whole time but that has more to do with my assumptions based on who Kara and all the Supers are. The speech was handled well and it's the right official move since Kara is very much about trying to reach the superpowered people they capture.

The Shoe, It Drops

If you thought they haven't been really showcasing Kara's human life this season, you're not wrong. That deemphasis was likely to help set up her leaving to Argo City to spend time with Alura and reconnect with her Kryptonian roots. While it was everything she probably wished for as a child,  the reality was kind of awkward and saw her continue to struggle with being "normal." Much of this season has been about resolving some sort of duality and it feels like Kara's real breakthrough in this area will come soon thanks to this trip. She is still a woman of two worlds and could never truly leave either behind.

This trip also allowed her to discover the cult that created the Worldkillers survived...and is lead by Selena...who stole her ship...and came to Kara-less Earth to meet Thomas Coville and set up a new Dark Fortress. Oops. And, seeing as Selena willingly gave Kara the black rock, having Sam allegedly separated from the Worldkillers' powers after being injected with it seems like an extra bad thing. And Sam seemed to have known when they arrived so the big question is who will ultimately possess this power: Sam or Selena? And will Coville switch sides again?

Quick Bits

  • I'm delighted that Eve Teschmacher seems like she'll be getting a bit of a boost now. I love Andrea Brooks' portrayal. Pairing her with Lena as scientific collaborators could be really fun down the line.
  • In the Christopher Reeve Superman films, Eve is Lex's girlfriend and accomplice. The filpside to my delight is worrying her team-up with Lena is another step towards Super-Villain Status. I think it could be fun seeing Lena as evil, but Supergirl doesn't have a lot of formidable allies outside the DEO, so losing one more doesn't feel right to me.
  • Oh, and we got a proper "MISS TESCHMACHER!!!" from James and it made me happy.
  • Lena is in awe of the potential properties of the black rock. Who knows what those properties are, but it could be a fun way to bring Superwoman onto the show (the Lucy Lane version, if for no other reason than to get Jenna Dewan back).

  • I'm still wondering what larger part Ruby will play in all this. I may be wrong, but it still feels like her key moment has yet to come.
  • Mon-El finally confesses his feelings to Kara, but they're attacked by a robot before they can kiss. Maybe Kara will go to the future with Mon to break it to Imra? Really, I just want to see more Legion, so I can pitch you six more ways to make this happen.
  • Wow, Kara's childhood friend grew up to be a classist snob.
  • M'yrnn time is running out and I feel J'onn's devastated feels. Carl Lumbly and David Harewood continue to deliver strong, emotionally resonating performances.

  • So, we see Alex looking up an adoption website. It'll be interesting to see how this plays out, but they've been handling her journey well overall so I have faith.
  • Also, if you don't know, Selena is also the name of Faye Dunaway's Big Bad in the Supergirl film. Clever writers.

How do you think Kara will get back to Earth? Who will wield the Worldkillers' powers? Any other burning thoughts about tonight's episode? Let us know!

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