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Supergirl: Broken Bonds

Supergirl: Broken Bonds

By Tamara Brooks Monday, May 14th, 2018

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We continue to explore what it means to learn the truth and the repercussions of withholding information in this week's episode, titled "Shelter from the Storm." Sure, Reign was off to kill Ruby and that delivered the action of the episode, but all of the major conflicts were once again driven by secrets.

SECRET #1: After Reign kills Sam's mother, Patricia, while searching for Ruby, James tells Lena the news and says she needs to tell Supergirl she can make Kryptonite. Lena fears that it'll make everything worse, citing years of goodwill instantly erased just by knowing she had Kryptonite, but James insists that it's only because of Lex's repeated attempts of painfully, violently murdering her cousin. She'll understand that it's not personal and that it'll be fine.

Spoiler alert: It was not fine.

Supergirl and Lena discussing this was poisoned from the start. Kara is already suspicious and Lena knows that Supergirl requested the break-in. I feel like it was also difficult for Supergirl to really explain what the Kryptonite represents, what level of a betrayal it is, since she has to maintain a secret identity. Meanwhile, Lena says that regular humans walk around existing in a world that can constantly kill them and she should get used to it too. Not the greatest phrasing perhaps, but it does speak to a level of vulnerability that Kara isn't entirely accustomed to dealing with, particularly since we haven't really seen any magical threats on the show. There is an attempt at smoothing things over by Supergirl after Lena's supercharged Kryptonite saved the day, but it remains to be seen how much good that will do.

SECRET #2: At the end of the episode, Kara (as Kara) and Lena meet in the elevator to see Ruby, who is staying with Alex. In the process, Kara finds out James lied last episode about checking the vault and also spilled the beans to Lena about the ask. Meanwhile, Lena states that she could never trust Supergirl again as using a personal relationship against her is something her mom would do.

Le sigh… This is going to end up being a huge mess, isn't it? The simplest way to start to fix this is for Kara, as Supergirl, to tell Lena what she did and apologize for it. I mean, they're already on rocky ground with the whole Kryptonite thing, so what's one more admission of truth? I would suspect that James and Kara's friendship is going to be damaged much longer than her and Lena's.

But what we're seeing here feels like a throwback to the Silver Age Lex/Superboy relationship, wherein they were friends until a lab accident marked Lex's villain turn. I reiterate my hope that Lena doesn't turn Big Bad, not just because Smallville followed this well-worn path, but because seeing if Supergirl and Lena's relationship can be repaired has the potential for far more interesting interactions and performances. Why? Because maybe they can't repair it. Maybe this is how that one friendship ends and reconciling with that is rarely explored territory on TV. Also, based on the look she gave when they first started talking, I wouldn't be surprised if Lena knows her secret identity and this whole conversation may have been a test/trap/secretive way to get everything out in the open. In which case, everyone in the National City Class of 2018 gets a big, fat F.

Quick Bits

  • The biggest mystery of the season has finally been solved—Ruby's age! She's 12, and like any child who isn't told information that's very important even when they know something’s up, she tries to figure it out on her own. Alex straight-up lying to her and not telling her that she's being targeted for death maaaaaybe wasn't the best way to handle things since that's what led to them being discovered. I think finding out my mom was being taken over by a Kryptonian deathmonger because she tried to murder me is much worse than, you know, a conversation.
  • The Legionnaires returned to their time now that their mission has been fulfilled. They know that Blight was stopped because the infected team members in stasis (Chameleon is the only one of the six namechecked) have stabilized. And now we know why they didn't wake anyone else up! Since they've now gone back home, it'll be interesting to see when/how/if they return. I would like to see Supergirl visit the future at some point as her visiting the Legion's time is a pretty big storyline in both the comics and Justice League Unlimited.
  • We've all seen how conflicted Mon-El has become, and although he loves Imra and is committed to her, she wants him to stay and work his feelings out. She'd rather have someone who gave his full heart to her, which is a stance I can definitely get behind. Though I do wonder how his staying will affect the timeline. They were already concerned about the changes to the future that may have occurred based just on what they've done so far. Who knows what else Mon's presence could do? I'm looking forward to what other storylines and guest stars this could bring up next year.

  • M'yrnn and J'onn continue to break my heart. I like that M'yrnn got to be helpful after being so depressed, but I'm also gutted that he didn't seem to remember. As much as I appreciate the real-life parallels that are happening, I can't help but hope there's some magical cure or other McGuffin because I want them to be happy forever.
  • Shout out to Lena's Kryptonite spray.
  • Brainy saying goodbye to Winn was so enjoyably awkward. He says Winn's a 1.42 level intellect and gives him future dirt. And the overly complicated process of hugging was definitely a highlight. I'm going to miss their interactions.
  • Quote of the Episode: "Tell him it's okay, I'll see him in 1,000 years." – Mon-El on J'onn missing the Legion's goodbye. Runner up: "When we bury things, they come at you even harder." - Patricia, Sam's mom who didn't survive the episode.

  • M'yrnn mentioned an "Eradicator project" that was being discussed on Mars. You may have perked up at that as well since Eradicator is a pretty key figure in Superman lore. Laying the groundwork for a future villain, perhaps?
  • Reign indeed has all three of the Worldkillers’ powers. I'm still fascinated by the pace at which they're being dealt with as Reign is recaptured and back at L-Corp. Obviously, there's a big card yet to be played and it probably has something to do with Thomas Coville, who still hasn't revealed himself. Speaking of which...
  • The episode ends with a girl stealing a journal filled with drawings and notes about the Worldkillers and running away from some Cult of Rao people who say they "just want to help" and reference Coville's name. Yeah, I wouldn't have stopped for those people either. But what does it all mean? And who's this young woman?

The other #DCTV shows may be ending these next two weeks, but we’re just heating up here on Supergirl. Let me know what you think of all of this secret-keeping going on in the comments below, and I’ll see you again in a week!

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