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Supergirl: And Then There Were Three

Supergirl: And Then There Were Three

By Tamara Brooks Monday, April 30th, 2018

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We've been waiting for the reveal of Pestilence, the final Kryptonian Horsewoman, and this week's Supergirl introduces her at last.

Titled "Of Two Minds," a mysterious contagion breaks out in the city while Lena continues her work with Sam in secret. The episode's name is both figurative and literal as Kara and Imra clash over the best way to deal with Pestilence and Sam mentally confronts Reign. There is also the common thread of Lena and Kara both being determined to save the human sides of Pestilence and Reign.

What's most fascinating about Lena in this respect is her firmly believing and insisting that only she could help Sam, dismissing the suggestion to go to Alex and/or Supergirl and ask for help. Why does she feel this way? I mean, Lena had a solid point (or, perhaps better, a valid fear) that going in without any concrete plan would probably lead to Sam being locked up, but that doesn't mean they wouldn't help her. Is she simply afraid of Sam being taken away, or is there something more complicated going on? I doubt Lena cares about the possible repercussions for herself and I don't think it's a case of classic Luthor hubris either. It'll be interesting seeing how this all plays out next episode. She'll certainly be getting lectured by Supergirl and Alex and perhaps even James (who'll likely also get an earful for knowing she was "helping an employee").

Kara and Imra's differing approaches were trying to reach the human side of Pestilence and straight up killing her to save millions in the future, respectively. Mon-El, pointing out that everything the Legion stands for was based on Supergirl's example, suggests Kara may know best, but Imra is undeterred and denies being swayed by personal feelings.

What was surprising and actually pretty impressive was Imra actually went through with her attempt when they all finally fought. Usually heroes will have a change of heart at the last moment, but she was steadfast. It was the complicated character choice, and I respect that. It resulted in getting the DNA sample they needed to cure all the infected people in the city, but that could have been accomplished by any other number of non-theoretically-lethal ways (a blood droplet from an injury or a strand of hair someone grabbed during the fight, etc.). We'll see how this affects them as more fights loom in the future.

As for Pestilence, after a misdirect, her human identity is revealed as Dr. Grace Parker, who we have not met before. Recently awoken, she goes after health care profiteers and is relieved to not have to try and save people's lives anymore, a twisted mirror version of her former self. Angela Zhou did a great job in the episode, playing the least conflicted of the three Worldkillers. There was a moment where it looked like Supergirl was getting through to Grace and Angela really nailed that flicker of humanity that came through (which may or may not have been a trap to try to infect Kara).

Pestilence was successfully injected with the Legion's formula, which was having some effect until Purity showed up. I'm curious if this means she now has an immunity to it or if their interference now actually leads to her becoming Blight in the future. Time travel is funny in that way and it's already been established that they have very few historical records from this era. Hmmm...

Also, with the Worldkillers on their way to L Corp, Supergirl, Mon, J'onn and Imra arrive to find Sam there. Before Lena can explain, Purity and Pestilence arrive and Reign is successfully broken out—the trio of Worldkillers finally together and stronger than before. Hopefully, Lena got some extra data out of that because she's about to have some seriously uncomfortable conversations.

Quick Bits

  • We learned a lot more about what happens to Sam when she transforms into Reign. Lena says the "Dark Valley" where Sam's consciousness goes is essentially another dimension. It's also where Reign is, and since the Worldkiller's consciousness is being suppressed as Lena gathers data, the two halves can actually interact. Odette Annable continues to crush this role, effectively portraying Sam's fear, determination and bravery. Of note, Reign attempts to convince Sam to "surrender" to this power she could have, but also threatens to kill Ruby, which will likely be a key mistake.
  • We, and Kara, learn at the end of the episode that Imra's sister is a future victim of Pestilence (aka Blight). It was what Psi showed her when they clashed back at Fort Rozz and explains why she's extra motivated to complete their mission (and her increasingly stressed demeanor). I liked seeing Kara and Imra bonding and not having it be over Mon. Not many shows avoid that trap.
  • Winn was one of the infected people, and talking to James, says he realized so much of his baggage was tied to his mother's abandonment, but he did all right despite it. He has friends and ambitions, but feels like it's too late. James reassures him that it isn't. It was a heavy scene that was very well acted by Jeremy Jordan and Mehcad Brooks. I hope that some of the scientific developments that Winn spoke of factor into the rest of the season somewhere.

  • J'onn is still helping his father through his memory loss, having the same conversations every morning because there's always hope (found in the times M'yrnn remembers and they laugh about it). I just want to hug them.
  • Braniac 5 has a human disguise! He decided to use an image inducer when he freaked a bunch of people out at a store. Winn was the only one who recognized Brainy immediately.
  • An approximately 98 vs. 52 percent chance of stopping Blight—kill vs. save. Oof! Talk about a hard choice for a hero.
  • Quote of the Episode: "Facetiousness. It's my greatest weakness." - Brainy. Runner-up: "It's a short-term trend." – Mon, explaining social media to Brainy.
  • Pestilence was on the ropes until Purity appeared. Being together boosted their collective strength, which is not a great sign.

Do you agree with Imra's actions? What's up with Lena not wanting to work with Alex and Supergirl? What do you think the Worldkillers will do next? Let's hear all your thoughts and theories!

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