There’s no doubt Catwoman has had some unexpected partners in the past, but we can’t imagine many people ever thought she’d be teaming up with the time traveling Booster Gold—with the fate of the world at stake, no less. But then again, there aren’t many people like Tom King and Tony S. Daniel, the storytellers behind this week’s BATMAN #46, which continues their storyline, “The Gift.”

In the last issue, Booster pretty much broke the world in an attempt to give Batman what will likely go down as the most misguided wedding gift ever conceived (at least outside of Westeros). Now Bruce Wayne isn’t Batman and hasn’t even met Selina Kyle. But maybe, if Booster can get the two of them to fall in love, everything will fall in line…somehow? Look, it’s Booster. We’re not exactly sure what he’s thinking. But you can see how his plan starts off in this exclusive sneak peek!

Will this crazy idea actually work? Will Bruce realize his true destiny as the Dark Knight? Or will Booster and Selina wind up falling in love in the most unexpected twist of all?!? (Okay, no. But tell me you’re not the least bit curious what that would be like!) Enjoy!

BATMAN #46 by Tom King, Tony S. Daniel and Tomeu Morey is in stores this Wednesday. Also, don’t forget to pick up the 25¢ DC NATION #0 for a can’t-miss prequel to this summer’s big Batman event!