Anyone who’s survived the corridors of high school knows that it’s not easy being a kid, and parents can be a particular source of annoyance and embarrassment.

Of course, it’s usually not because they’re highly trained killers who are trying to get you to take your rightful place at the head of their army of assassins. (“Mom, do I really have to practice one-stroke kills AGAIN?!?!”) But as we discovered in SUPER SONS #13 this week, that’s very much the case with Damian Wayne—Robin—whose mother is Talia al Ghul, daughter of Ra’s al Ghul and the deposed leader of the villainous group Leviathan. Damian’s relationship with his mom has never been what anyone would call healthy, but recently, they’d both taken to giving each other some distance.

But that’s the thing about parents when you’re a teenager. When they do show up, it’s always at the worst time. Like when you’re at school, hanging out with your best friend.

Needless to say, Talia isn’t there because she’s concerned about Damian’s social studies grade. Rather she needs his help to complete a mission, and while she doesn’t reveal what this mission is, you know it can’t be good. Missions rarely are when the Daughter of the Demon is involved.

While this is a pretty typical exchange for Damian and Talia, it’s an eye-opener for the far more innocent Superboy, who for the first time, finds himself confronted by Damian’s violent past.

When Robin and Superboy arrive in Gotham to confront Talia, they instead find themselves battling one of her assassins—Ezar, who just happened to have been trained by Damian. He’s easily dispatched by the two Super Sons, but as soon as Ezar realizes who Robin is, his entire demeanor changes as he bows down, humbled by Damian’s presence. It’s a startling change, but for Jonathan, it’s their next discovery that really shakes him to his core…

Well, now we know why Talia was in Metropolis, and if she’s set her sights on Lois, the Daily Planet’s prize reporter is in plenty of trouble. But even more pressing, can Damian and Jon’s friendship survive when their moms go head-to-head?! Looks like we’ll have to wait until SUPER SONS #14 hits stores on March 21st to find out. You might want to write that date down, and do all of your required comic reading between now and then. Class dismissed!