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Supergirl: The Ultimate Friendship Test

Supergirl: The Ultimate Friendship Test

By Amy Ratcliffe Monday, February 13th, 2017

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You can't keep a Luthor down. Some families seem to have an unstoppable resilience written into their DNA, and that was on display in tonight’s episode, "Luthors." Lillian Luthor used Metallo to get herself out of prison and out of a trial and managed to manipulate Lena. Note the words "used" and "manipulate" in that sentence. They're methods Lillian wields like sharp weapons.

Before she tried to ingratiate herself with her daughter, er, make that adopted daughter, Lillian framed Lena for giving Metallo more kryptonite. No, she's not going to win any Mother of the Year awards. Her endangerment of Lena meant Lena ended up on the run alongside Lillian, which made her look even more guilty. When you have the last name "Luthor" in the world of Supergirl, people already tend to assume the worse—they were merely waiting for any sign of confirmation to throw Lena under the bus. Sadly, members of the anti-Lena/anti-Luthor team included Kara's friends, to which I raise my right eyebrow (I can't raise my left one).

Supergirl has been hitting the "don't judge a book by its cover" theme throughout the season. It's applied to Mon-El, M'gann, and Lena. By now Kara and co. should understand someone's family or species or home planet doesn't determine whether a person is good or evil. It's a lesson they don't need to repeat. They've lived it again and again. Remember when you put M'gann in prison for weeks for no reason, J'onn?!

Anyway. They shouldn't have jumped to conclusions about Lena, especially considering that, hey, Lena has helped them out before and stood against her mother. Also, they live in a world with aliens capable of shapeshifting and a world with rather advanced technology. It's not out of the realm of possibility to consider other forces are at work and that the video showing Lena grabbing kryptonite wasn't what it seemed.

But alas, Kara was the only person to believe in Lena. It's true she knows Lena better than others at the DEO, but shouldn't her fellow DEO agents trust Kara's opinion? Shouldn't her friends trust her opinion? James at least did have a compelling argument because of his experience with Clark and Lex—Clark kept believing in Lex and it didn't end well—but everyone else? Come on. There's been enough judging others for deeds they didn't commit this season. I know it's not the DEO's job to be a kind organization, but I believe there's a way to keep National City and its citizens safe while still being reasonable.

I was proud to see Kara stick to her guns and extend a helping hand to Lena. Like Lena pointed out, she's never had anyone stand up for her like Kara did. For most of her life, Lena's been part and parcel to her family's crimes even though she's had nothing to do with them. It's been the status quo. Think about how isolated the icy reception from others has probably made her feel. Lena wouldn't want pity from any of us, but it's a sad situation. She deserves more, and with Kara's help, she's getting a chance to show her true self.

Finally, Winn wins quote of the night by explaining pool as "geometry with sticks."

Oh wait, it's not “finally” because it's #DCTV Secret time and we need to discuss Metallo. No, this isn't the first time we've seen John Corben in Supergirl, but I somehow haven't mentioned the character's connections to the comics. In the series, Corben is saved by Project Cadmus after trying to kill Lena Luthor. He was modified and enhanced and became Metallo. The John Corben iteration of the character has been around in the comics since 1959's ACTION COMICS #252 (which, coincidentally, is also the issue containing the first appearance of Supergirl!).

In that story, Corben was a journalist by day and a murderer and thief by night. A professor, Vale, found Corben's almost dead body (he suffered an accident after leaving the scene of a crime) and preserved Corben's brain and gave him a robotic body. Once Corben learned about the power of kryptonite from the professor and how it could keep his body running indefinitely, he stole a chunk of the green rock and had it installed in his chest. He later tried to use the material to kill Superman. It sounds a little familiar, eh?

Now, let's peek into Lex's secret facility. The location held several dangerous devices, including Lex's iconic exo-suit. The Warsuit is a fixture in the comics, first appearing in ACTION COMICS #544. The powered armor has regularly helped Lex face his arch nemesis Superman on more equal footing because of features such as enhanced strength, durability, flight and a force field. The glimpse of the Warsuit in "Luthors" marks the first time it's been seen in live action.

What did you think of Kara's actions in the episode? Did you catch any other #DCTV Secrets? Let me know in the comments.

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