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Preview Monday: Green Lanterns #12!

Preview Monday: Green Lanterns #12!

By Nicole Valdez Monday, December 5th, 2016

Welcome back for another installment of Preview Monday. This week, we bring you an exclusive look at GREEN LANTERNS #12!

In this week’s issue of GREEN LANTERNS, the new Phantom Lantern, Frank Laminski, struggles to harness the powers of the Phantom Ring, and now the ring is feeding off his emotions and controlling him. While his desperation to gather more rings grows, Simon and Jessica must find a way to stop him, but their motivations for doing so may become problematic.

With Simon feeling restricted by his power, and Jessica fearing she never deserved it in the first place, the Green Lanterns must put their personal ambitions and fears aside if they are to protect Earth from danger. The lanterns will also discover that a bigger danger now lurks in the background, and this new threat will put the entire Corp in jeopardy! Find out more from writer Sam Humphries and artists Eduardo Pansica (pencils), Julio Ferreira (inks), Blond (colors) and Dave Sharpe (letters) in GREEN LANTERNS #12!