In this week’s issue, the trap was set. The warlord Abu Rahim has come to the home of Sofia Al Aqani in hopes to work with her on pushing the Nationalist agenda, and to confront the traitor Nassir. When he arrived, Sofia would make the call to take him out. 

And then the plan backfired when Rahim showed up with his chest strapped with explosives. If Sofia makes the call, they will all die. Sofia and Nassir must play this out, collect the intel, and only hope to survive. 

Meanwhile, Chris Henry waits with Bob, the American contractor who continues to divulge more of how this operation came to be, and how Abu Rahim became the primary target. When Chris accuses him of killing Nassir’s wife, Bob denies it, but continues to discuss how he came to know Ali, and believed him to be a double agent. He further explains that one day, after their daily meeting to collect information from Ali, they changed tactics, exposing him to his own people as an informant to the US, leaving him to be slaughtered.

 As the covert op continues, Sofia confronts Rahim for attempting to kill her by sending his men to blow up her car with a rocket launcher.  While Rahim denies this, the truth about Rahim’s men are exposed. Nassir and his wife had killed them, leaving Rahim abandoned without the muscle to carry out his agenda.

Then Sofia demands an answer—was any of it real?

Then this just happened:

The US forces made the call to go in, and Rahim meets his end.

Though the warlord had been the target of this longtime operation, Chris realizes there is still so much that is left to be uncovered, and it begins within his own government organization. What role has the contractor played?

Find out more by reading this week’s THE SHERIFF OF BABYLON #11 from writer Tom King and artist Mitch Gerads.