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Note that while this week includes two Rebirth Annuals, GOTHAM ACADEMY ANNUAL #1 and EARTH 2 SOCIETY ANNUAL #1, and a Suicide Squad special issue, SUICIDE SQUAD SPECIAL: WAR CRIMES #1, they’re all standalone stories and require no knowledge of what’s currently happening in the monthly comics.

Future Quest #3

By Jeff Parker, Steve Rude, Steve Buccellato, Aaron Lopresti, Karl Kesel and Hi-Fi

We take a trip to the recent past in two separate tales set before the current storyline. In the first, Dr. Sumadi and Ray Randall, in his other identity as the legendary hero Birdman, are working to rescue agents of F.E.A.R before they are consumed and assimilated into a terrifying alien mass from a vortex in southwest Utah. They manage to stop the mass and escape with their lives just moments before an incoming assignment—the two of them are to report to Dr. Benton Quest to further their investigation. Meanwhile in our second tale, on the distant planet Quasar, the Herculoids do battle against an onslaught of robotic enemies. The Herculoids and their allies are being pursued relentlessly by the automaton forces of the planet Amzot and though they continue to win individual battles, Zandor, the leader of the Herculoids, believes that these robotic forces are planning something much more insidious in the near future—something that may very well tear the fabric of reality apart around them.

Unforgettable Moment: While Randall struggles to rescue people from the terrifying alien mass, his powers begin to wane. Birdman needs the sun to function at peak capacity and there’s a definite shortage of that deep within the mountain cave. It’s not until Dr. Sumadi pulls together an explosive device and blows up a full side of the mountain to expose Birdman to the sun once again that the tides of the fight really begin to turn in their favor. Who needs ancient, legendary superpowers when you’ve got brains (and bombs) like that?


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