San Diego Comic-Con wasn't a competition, but if it was, DC Super Hero Girls would have taken top prize in the category of being awesome. The animated series made a splash with its first appearance at the large convention, and it got attention without having to set off any save the day alarms. Girls of all ages stopped by the DC booth in costume as the attendees of Super Hero High, fans packed in for the World Premiere of DC Super Hero Girls: Hero of the Year, the Girls’ first full-length movie, and dozens of people took home an exclusive Katana action doll. In short, fans went above and beyond to show their support of the heroes.

Given the series' success, a few new DC Super Hero Girls toys were announced at the convention—the initial release of action dolls, action figures, and role play accessories were just a start. Get ready because you'll be able to re-create the bold moves and valiant rescues performed by Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Harley Quinn, Batgirl, and other Super Hero High superstars in different ways. For example, want to navigate around campus with Wonder Woman and her Invisible Jet? You can do that with a new set coming this fall from Mattel.

How would you like to take to the skies with Starfire? An action doll based on the energetic character will be flying onto shelves before you know it. She's sporting the Starfire's bright purple outfit and multicolored hair, and she's wielding Starbolts.

If you want to shrink play time down to a small and adorable size, you'll love the mini Super Hero Vinyls. The tiny but mighty figures feature Super Hero High enrollees such as Bumblebee, Harley Quinn, and Wonder Woman in mid-action. Each figure stands displayed on one of the character's signature accessories. Harley of course has her hammer.

You can roll into adventures with a new line of sleek and sporty Hot Wheels character cars inspired by the characters in DC Super Hero Girls. The toy vehicles are ready to drive into action with their bright colors and their capes–the purple Batgirl design is especially snazzy. No one else on the street stands a chance.

What if you want something soft to hug? A hard plastic toy doesn't quite fit the bill, but plush dolls are just right. I imagine this Wonder Woman plush will be taken on all sorts of adventures.

These items are just a taste of the DC Super Hero Girls designs coming to stores near you in the months ahead. How many of these toys are you putting on your wish list and shopping list? Jump to the comments and let me know about your favorites.