The DC Super Hero Girls web series may be wrapping up its first season, but the fun is just beginning. The coming weeks will see the release of toys books, apparel, accessories and more featuring all the Super Hero High characters you've been getting to know at the DC Super Hero Girls website since it launched in October. We'll be highlighting all of that and more in the weeks to come, and we're going to kick things off by watching Wonder Woman receive a special honor in the final short of its debut season.

After a slightly bumpy start at the vibrant Super Hero High in DC Super Hero Girls, "Wondy" has not only settled in, she's soared. The first season saw her learn how to survive rooming with Harley Quinn (not an easy feat!), navigate difficulties with Cheetah, design a super suit, and exhibit leadership as she helped her classmates save the day. She clearly deserves to receive the Hero of the Month award.

Super Hero High principal Amanda Waller says it best. Wonder Woman's star shone the brightest. She broke the record for the highest number of rescues in a month; she's saved cats, children, and the elderly from harm. On top of her heroic efforts, Wonder Woman remained loyal to her pals Bumblebee and Harley Quinn. They didn't need to be wrapped in the Lasso of Truth to compliment her.

Congratulations, Wonder Woman! We look forward to seeing what you do next. Our expectations are high.

For more on DC Super Hero Girls, including all of the first season animated shorts, be sure to check out their website.