Listen up, DC Comics fans!

You’ve just been enlisted in an off-the-books, top secret program that those of us at the DC Comics office like to call Task Force aXcess. Your mission is to infiltrate the world of YouTube videos and watch today’s all new episode of DC All Access, featuring a sneak peek at the brand new Suicide Squad comic with writer Sean Ryan. Be sure to stay on alert for the cast of Arrow, who give us a few hints about what to expect in season three, as well as fellow Squad member Will Dennis, who provides us with some valuable intel regarding a new Vertigo title from Ollie Masters and Ming Doyle. Finally, we’ve heard rumbles that special agent Tiffany Smith has been seen trading free comics for information. We’ve captured a few of these transactions on film and they can be viewed near the end of today’s episode. Upon completion of this mission, all agents are encouraged to file their reports and leave any analysis down below in the comments.

Good luck and if you find yourself overwhelmed while engaging in this mission, just remember that you can always hit the pause or rewind buttons.

Be sure to visit the following links for even more access:

John Barrowman and Tiffany plan out the perfect night in this Arrow interview bonus clip:

Arrow gets a new season AND a spinoff! Tiffany interviews the cast of The Flash:

Sean Ryan sets the Suicide Squad stage in the prior series finale:

Take the time to savor the art Ming Doyle’s cooked up for The Kitchen: