We’re celebrating Batman all month long here on DCComics.com, and what better way to do that than with an awesome, all-Batman episode of DC All Access?! First, we speak to animation legend Bruce Timm about "Strange Days," the spectacularly retro short he's assembled in honor of Batman's 75th Anniversary. (Check out the full short during Teen Titans Go! tomorrow night on Cartoon Network.) After that, we get the scoop on the Dark Knight's latest comic, Batman Eternal, from one of men leading the writing team, Scott Snyder. Meanwhile, Brian Buccellato discusses what's ahead in Detective Comics and KROQ's Ralph Garman shows off his truly spectacular Batman '66 collection. All this, plus an opportunity to win a full-scale Batarang replica and another chance to enter to win a trip to San Diego Comic-Con. Holy DC All Access, Batman!

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Tiffany shares the three Batman projects that shaped her fandom:

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