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Exclusive Preview of BIRDS OF PREY #28

Exclusive Preview of BIRDS OF PREY #28

By Clark Bull Wednesday, February 19th, 2014

Welcome to Gothtopia! Die happy!

Meet the heroes of Gothtopia: Bluebelle, Eagle, Artemis and Warbler. Together, they form the Wings of Truth! Nothing makes a community happier than an acrobatic team tumbling through the air in a fun-filled children’s charity circus. But is everything really as clean, neat and tidy as it appears?

And what happens when Ra’s al Ghul gives Warbler, aka Black Canary, temporary immunity and makes her an offer she can’t refuse?

Take a look at the gallery above as the Wings of Truth soar over Gothtopia!

Written by Christy Marx and illustrated by Romano Molenaar, Daniel Sampere, Scott McDaniel, Jonathan Glapion and Jordi Tarragona, BIRDS OF PREY #28, arrives in stores today.

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