There's a new age upon us: an age of technology. An age where computers and tablets and smartphones have allowed us to advance as a species further than we could ever imagine. Seriously, we can take pictures of our food and share them with the world. We can tell people EXACTLY what we're doing. We can even make short six-second videos of anything we want—no matter how unnecessary or completely insane it may seem.

However, one of the biggest thrills of the digital revolution—for comic fans, at least—is that we now have access to thousands upon thousands of comic book titles, from back issues and current releases to collected editions and original graphic novels. Indeed, we live in an advanced age.

With the existence of this new market, we’ve also been treated to several all-new DC comic book series that are released digitally first. With a plethora of talented creators along with unique takes on your favorite DC characters, free of the restrains of print continuity, these digital first titles are definitely worth a look. In fact, here are 5.2 Reasons to Delve into DC Comics Digital First!


1. Adventures of Superman and Legends of the Dark Knight

Tales of the Man of Steel told by creators from across the comic industry, including Jeff Lemire, Jeff Parker, Chris Samnee, Christos Gage, Bryan Glass, Michael Oeming and more! These are great, one-off tales that get to the essence of the character, but as interpreted by some of the best writers and artists working today. As a fan, seeing these different visions of Superman—both in terms of writing and visually—is a treat.

Never one to be outdone, the Dark Knight has his own series similar in set up to Adventures of Superman. (Okay, okay, Legends started first. Please don't hurt us, Batman!)

2. Batman '66

Holy Retro Adventures, Batman! Based on the classic television series starring Adam West and Burt Ward as the dynamic duo, Batman '66 continues in the same vein as the series, with campy fun adventures and fantastic art that mimics the visual style and appearance of the characters and the actors who embodied them on the show. The Joker even has Cesar Romero's infamous mustache!

3. DC2

Batman '66, along with the upcoming Teen Titans Go!, are both part of the DC2 line, which takes digital storytelling to the next level through dynamic panel movement. As you swipe the screen, the story unfolds piece by piece. Speech bubbles appear, the art changes to showcase movement and more. It's a great new system and takes advantage of the digital aspect of these titles.


4. Smallville

Written by Bryan Q. Miller, who wrote for the series when it was on the air, and featuring covers by the awesome Cat Staggs, Smallville: Season 11 picks up right where the highly popular live-action television series left off. Following Clark Kent as he officially becomes Superman, the comic does a great job continuing in the tone of the show, but allows for the return of characters like Lex Luthor and Lana Lang, and introduces other heroes such as Batman and Wonder Woman.

5. The Beyond Universe

The world of Batman Beyond delighted fans, showcasing a Gotham City years in the future, where a retired Bruce Wayne trained Terry McGinnis to take on the role of the new Batman. The rotating digital first titles Batman Beyond and Justice League Beyond further explore this world and its new generation of superheroes. Well, new except for Superman. He's still kicking cause he's awesome that way.

5.1 The Vampire Diaries Comes to Comics!

5.2 The Super Adorable Batman: Li'l Gotham

If you're still not convinced, next week marks a special weeklong DC Comics Digital First Sale. Starting November 27, each day we'll be giving the away the first chapter of a different Digital First series for FREE. Be sure to check them out, and let us know which digital first titles you like best in the comments below!