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Caption This!: A Super Thanksgiving

Caption This!: A Super Thanksgiving

By Tim Beedle Wednesday, November 20th, 2013

Welcome, friends, to another edition of Caption This!, our monthly contest of captions and collectibles. We’re nearing the holiday season, and soon we’ll be decking the halls, drinking the eggnog and trying to convince Santa we’ve been good this year. (No, we weren’t playing rugby with that new Batman Black & White prototype! It broke on its own, we promise!)

Anyhow, while we plead our case, we thought we’d get the festivities started a little early with a special Thanksgiving edition of Caption This! After all, if there’s one thing that we’re thankful for, it’s the opportunity to create silly images like this one.

That’s our Man of Steel: Superman by Frank Quitely statue, and despite what you see above, we don’t recommend you fill it up with helium and float it down 7th Avenue. However, we DO recommend that you write your cleverest, most inspired caption down below in the comments. Then “like” your favorites so they rise to the top of the list. Because lets face it, a smile or a good laugh is something everyone can feel thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving!