SPOILER ALERT: The following contains plot points from Saturday’s Batman Beyond 2.0 #6. Read at your own risk!

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Hoo-boy! Welcome back!

In this Saturday’s Batman Beyond 2.0, the identity of the mayor’s murderer, the villain known as REWIRE, was revealed to be none other than Davis Dusk… Mayor Dusk’s own son!

Did you see it coming? Take a look at Davis’ first appearance in chapter 2 above… knowing that he had already murdered his own father, you might see this scene in a whole new light.

But we’re not done yet—not even close! We’ve got lots more surprises coming your way in two weeks… so stay tuned for more Batman Beyond 2.0, and come back next week when we discuss what takes place in Justice League Beyond 2.0 #6!

See you in the Beyond!