Welcome back for another installment of Preview Monday! This week, we’re giving you exclusive first looks at NIGHTWING #23 and SUPERBOY #23.

Dick Grayson is closing in on the Prankster, but he’s still a step behind. After rounding up the villain’s henchmen, he gets a tip about the Prankster’s next move. But can he chase his lead in time to also save the innocent people caught in the crossfire of Prankster’s evil plan? A surprise visit from the last person that Grayson expects to see might be the only chance Nightwing has at being able to do both! Written by Kyle Higgins and featuring art by Will Conrad and Andrew Dalhouse, NIGHTWING #23 swings into stores this Wednesday.

Meanwhile, who - or what - has infected the entire student body of McDuffie High? It seems as though Psionic energy has transformed everyone into monsters. Is Dr. Psycho behind it all? And who is the mysterious figure attacking Superboy? If another Superboy has been cloned – matching him power for power – who will win this showdown? Plus, you won’t want to miss the final pages of this explosive issue, as a secret, surprise player steps forward! Written by Justin Jordan and illustrated by Robson Rocha, Marcus To, Marlo Alquiza, Pete Pantazis, and Richard and Tanya Horie, SUPERBOY #23 hits the spinner rack this Wednesday.