BIFF! BAM! POW! The Batusi comes roaring back in the pages of BATMAN ’66 #1! Writer Jeff Parker channels the legendary Adam West and Burt Ward to create a vision of the Caped Crusader and the Boy Wonder straight out of the classic television show.

“I listen to the actors speaking when I’m writing their dialogue,” Parker recently told THE NEW YORK POST. “That, combined with the artists getting the body language right, like the way Jonathan Case does with Riddler and Catwoman, makes it all come together.”

The inaugural issue features Frank Gorshin’s indelible take on the Riddler leading the Dynamic Duo on a chase through streets and skies of Gotham as he snatches up works by the famous artist Villkoop. With the aid of Catwoman, the most unlikely of allies, will Batman and Robin be able to foil the Riddler’s fiendish plot? Will Aunt Harriet’s snooping around Wayne Manor lead her to discover Bruce and Dick’s dual identity? Tune in to find out when BATMAN ’66 #1, written by Jeff Parker and illustrated by Jonathan Case, swings into stores tomorrow!