Welcome back for another installment of Preview Monday! This week, we’re giving you exclusive first looks at BATMAN, INCORPORATED #12 and FAIREST #17.

The final battle begins! Batman’s war against Leviathan has left him battered and has claimed the life of Damian Wayne, his only son and partner in fighting crime. Assisted by the other members of Batman Incorporated and fueled by an insatiable sense of vengeance, the Dark Knight prepares to take on the monstrosity known as Heretic and put a stop to Talia al Ghul’s plans for the complete destruction of the city! Get ready for an epic fight through the streets of Gotham unlike one you’ve ever seen. Written by the legendary Grant Morrison and with art by the incredible Chris Burnham, BATMAN, INCORPORATED #12 flies into stores this Wednesday!

Meanwhile, in the aftermath of the attack by the beastly Dhole, Maharaja Charming and Nalayani are stranded in the Village of the Dead with a vicious enemy. Meanwhile, the Maharaja’s expedition to rescue Nalayani’s village is in tatters and one of the members of his harem seems to have caught a mysterious illness that could threaten the lives of everyone in the camp! Plus, the Maharaja’s shadowy past is finally revealed! Written by Sean E. Williams and illustrated by Stephen Sadowski, Phil Jimenez, Andrew Pepoy and Dan Green, FAIREST #17 hits the spinner rack this week!