Last night at a press event in Burbank honoring industry legend Grant Morrison, the prolific writer officially announced that he’s collaborating with artist Yanick Paquette on the all-new original graphic novel, WONDER WOMAN: EARTH ONE.

“This is some of the most fun I’ve had in a long time, because it’s a completely different type of comic book,” Morrison recently teased about the upcoming book to ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY. “Usually I don’t do masses of research, but for Wonder Woman, I’ve actually been working my way through the entire history of feminism … I want this to be really, really good, to reflect not only what women think, but what men think of women. I’m trying to do something really different from what’s been done with the character before. That one’s been amazing fun, because it’s nothing like anything I’ve ever done before.”

In the gallery above, take your first look at some of Paquette’s interior artwork for this eagerly anticipated original graphic novel, which will provide a unique and distinctly Morrison take on Diana’s origin story. And stay tuned to THE SOURCE for more details about WONDER WOMAN: EARTH ONE over the course of the next few weeks!