The most talked about prequel miniseries in the comic industry are about to be collected in 4 deluxe hardcover editions. Wrapped in covers designed by Chip Kidd, award winning book jacket designer (Michael Crichton’s Jurassic Park, Bret Easton Ellis’ American Psycho and much much more) and writer (Batman Death By Design, The Cheese Monkeys), they will arrive this summer.


Having previously designed a variant cover for BEFORE WATCHMEN: RORSCHACH issue #3, we asked Chip Kidd about what it means to him to design these, destined to be, historic covers. Here’s what he had to say, "To design these covers is both a privilege and an honor. And a challenge!,” said Kidd. “The 'Before Watchmen' creative team did a truly impressive job, and I will try to do justice to them. So to speak."


Well, we can’t wait to see them and we hope you’re just as excited as we are. So stay tuned for their future reveal.


And look for BEFORE WATCHMEN: MINUTEMEN/SILK SPECTRE and BEFORE WATCHMEN: OZYMANDIAS/CRIMSON CORSAIRJune 26th in comic stores and July 2nd everywhere books are sold and BEFORE WATCHMEN: NITE OWL/DR. MANHATTAN and BEFORE WATCHMEN: COMEDIAN/RORSCHACH July 10th in comic stores and July 16th everywhere books are sold.