This morning, COMIC BOOK RESOURCES announced that THE FLASH #17 would introduce one of the Scarlet Speedster’s greatest foes into DC COMICS-THE NEW 52: Reverse-Flash!


“This Reverse-Flash is going to be a complete re-imagining of him in the same way that we kind of tinkered with what the Speed Force is,” series co-writer and artist Francis Manapul told COMIC BOOK RESOURCES. “We're going to be explaining what the opposite side of that is. He's the Yin to Yang.”


“We've stated what Flash's mission is and why he runs,” continued co-writer Brian Buccellato. “Reverse-Flash is going to flip that on its ear. For astute people that have been following our book, they can already get an idea of what Reverse-Flash's mission is going to be.”


THE FLASH #17 speeds into stores on February 27, 2013. Head on over to COMIC BOOK RESOURCES to read their full coverage and to see their exclusive reveal of the issue’s cover.