This Halloween, DC Comics will release its next batch of Annuals. These special oversized issues will not only build off of the events in their respective series, but will also greatly impact the expanding DC Universe. Leading up to their October 31 releases, we’ll be putting individual spotlights on each of these Annual issues by giving you special sneak peeks at what’s to come! You’ve already seen us tease JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK ANNUAL #1 and BATGIRL ANNUAL #1. Today, journey into “Rotworld” with SWAMP THING ANNUAL #1.


Examining the classic rivalry between Alec Holland and Anton Arcane, SWAMP THING ANNUAL #1 shows not only the duo’s first encounter, but also introduces Alec to the beautiful Abby. Planting the seeds of “Rotworld,” this must-have issue is co-written by Scott Snyder and Scott Tuft and features stunning art by Becky Cloonan.


“Several years before the gory encounter seen in SWAMP THING #0, Alec Holland and Anton Arcane met for the first time, in the twisted little town in the Carpathians that Anton calls home,” teased Associate Editor Chris Controy. “But it wasn’t just Anton that Alec met there — he also fell hard for the tragic love of his life, Abigail Arcane. So why don’t either of them remember that meeting? How did Alec survive Anton’s wrath? And who’s the mysterious benefactor that comes to Alec’s aid?”

“Scott Snyder and Becky Cloonan’s first collaboration on BATMAN #12 was a spectacular success, so reuniting them on a classic, spine-tingling monster story was irresistible,” Conroy continued. “Becky had a blast drawing a story that combined romance and horror (as she put it: ‘I live to draw tension building up to a kiss ... and people peeking through doors’), and Scott’s co-writer on the acclaimed SEVERED, Scott Tuft, brought a modern take to the ‘evil town in the mountains’ vibe of Arcane’s seat of power. Wrap it up in a framing sequence set in ‘Rotworld’ by Andrew Belanger and Karl Kerschl, which features a brief taste of events to come in SWAMP THING #14, and you’ve got an Annual we’re awfully proud of! And getting a double-sized serving of Swamp Thing on Halloween? TOO perfect. We’re happy to be that one house in your neighborhood that gives out the full-size Snickers bars, instead of the wimpy ones.” 


Below, take a sneak peek at SWAMP THING ANNUAL #1 by checking out the first page of art seen in this special issue, which arrives in stores this Wednesday! And stay tuned to THE SOURCE for an exclusive preview of the issue later today.