Last week, we announced the return of one of the most treacherous villains in comic book history: The Joker. And in case you missed it, we revealed the solicit information and cover for The Joker’s first issue back earlier today. Coming back to Gotham City in BATMAN #13, The Joker has got a big, bloody axe to grind with the Bat-family.


To read more about The Joker and his quest for vengeance, check out the following interviews with writer Scott Snyder that ran this morning in USA TODAY, THE HUFFINGTON POST, MTV GEEK, AIN'T IT COOL NEWS, IGN, CRAVE ONLINE, COMIC BOOK RESOURCES, COMICVINE, NEWSARAMA and IFANBOY.


And don’t miss the Joker’s return when BATMAN #13 hits stores on October 10th.


(The cover for BATMAN #13 by Greg Capullo)