Expanding the story of this month’s epic “Night of the Owls” crossover event, BATMAN ANNUAL #1 sheds a spotlight on one of the Dark Knight’s classic rogues: Mr. Freeze.


“This month’s BATMAN ANNUAL is a can’t miss for readers,” teased editor Mike Marts. “Not only does it feature the mysterious origin of Mr. Freeze, but it continues important story threads of ‘Night of the Owls,’ as well. This one has it all – Nightwing and Robin guest star, and the amazing art chores are handled by Jason Fabok, who drew a few issues of DARK KNIGHT for us last year. And let’s not forget the stunning story by BATMAN regular Scott Snyder and his co-writer James Tynion IV!”


BATMAN ANNUAL #1 is in stores next Wednesday. For a full exclusive preview of the issue, head on over to ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY.