People have really been buzzing about our new talent portraits. It seems that when it comes to your favorite artists and writers, you really enjoy seeing the faces behind the names! In fact, you enjoy it so much that you’ve been asking us if we could post a list of links to all of the new talent portraits.


Well, ask and you shall receive! Below are all of our new portraits. And remember, this just a start. We’ll be shooting talent portraits all summer, so look for new ones to be added to the site over the next few months.


But here’s what we have now:


Adam Beechen

Adam Glass

Adam Hughes

Alex Sinclair


Amanda Conner

Bernard Chang

Bill Willingham

Brian Azzarello

Brian Buccellato

Chris Burnham

Cliff Chiang

Dan DiDio

David Finch

Dustin Nguyen

Freddie Williams II

Gail Simone

Gene Ha

Geoff Johns

Greg Hurwitz

Jamal Igle

Jill Thompson

Jimmy Palmiotti

J. Michael Straczynski (JMS)

Joe Kubert

Joshua Fialkov

Joshua Williamson

JT Krul


Kevin Maguire

Lee Bermejo

Len Wein

Marv Wolfman


Patrick Gleason

Philip Tan

Rod Reis

Ryan Benjamin

Ryan Kelly

Scott Kolins

Scott Snyder

Sean Murphy

Shane Davis

Tony Akins

Tony Daniel