“The parts not on fire are really pretty,” says EARTH TWO editor Pat McCallum. “Trouble is that after an invasion from Apokolips, some prime Earth 2 real estate has gone up in smoke. What we’re looking at down there used to be .”

“One of the great things about EARTH TWO is that while it’s very much plugged into the larger DC Universe, it’s also somewhat self contained,” continued McCallum. “You can really cut loose with the storytelling and not sweat how it impacts other shared-universe titles. James Robinson and Nicola Scott, the creators on the title, have taken full advantage of that. So when things start to really hit the fan in EARTH TWO, they’re going to hit in jarring, unapologetic ways. Characters will die, landmarks will burn and the good guys won’t always save the day. Aside from entertaining readers, the goal of every issue is to make fans put it down and think ‘I can’t believe they just did that.’ It’s gonna be a fun ride...unless you’re in one of the parts of Earth 2 that’s on fire.”

EARTH TWO #1 goes on sale tomorrow.