Let’s wrap up THE NEW DEADWARDIANS week with a little tease. In the coming months, you’ll learn about:

  • Who fought “THE MEMORIAL WAR” and why
  • What “tendencies” are and why you might visit a “Thirst House” to take care of them
  • What OCCUPY “ZONE-B” is all about.
  • Why an English Manor isn’t really the bucolic setting you’d expect
  • And what really happened to Prince Albert (and no, he’s not in a can! groan)

I hope you take a chance on THE NEW DEADWARDIANS. it’s a fresh, fun take on vamps, zombies and history....all wrapped in a page-turning mystery! On behalf of the entire NDW team, thanks for reading!

Will Dennis

And if you missed it, Dan Abnett talked with USA TODAY about the book earlier this week.

Now check out  the first look at the cover of issue #5!