Romance is in the air, DC Nation, and it’s not just because it’s Valentine’s Day! The New 52 has provided us with lots of exciting ground to mine, and FLASH is no exception. After all, we’ve seen a revved-up Captain Cold, neighboring Central and Keystone Cities thrown back to the Stone Age in technology, and a super-speedster with a brain that runs too fast for even him to keep up with. But FLASH has also given us a wonderful LOVE TRIANGLE, the likes of which remind us of the best of them. And that’s what the series’ creative team of Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato strives for with its portrayal of our hero Barry Allen, Central City’s stalwart CSI whiz kid, and ladies in his life. There’s his fellow police scientist and girlfriend Patty Spivac, and then there’s Iris West, the aggressive reporter for the Central City Citizen’s crime blog, who is interested in having Barry be more than just an inside source of the CCPD. The fun part is building a love triangle where no one knows how the heck it’ll turn out. For now, Barry’s happily dating Patty...and it might stay that way for a while, with Iris outta luck waiting in the wings. Will Barry someday succumb to Iris’s charms and brassy style, making for a difficult time at work with Patty shooting daggers with her eyes? Maybe...maybe not. Keep reading to find out. In fact, the cover to FLASH #7 shown below is probably an apt metaphor for our hero with Patty on the left, and Iris on the right. In the meantime, Happy Valentine’s Day, DC Nation! - Brian Cunningham, Editor