Next week we'll be coming at you live from New York Comic-Con. You may have already seen our schedule of panels but we can assure you that's just the beginning. There will be lots of great activities for those in attendance, lots of exciting announcements that we'll be sharing with you here and so much more. But even if you can't be at the Javits Center in person we want to involve you in what's going on there. Throughout the rest of this week we'll be posting "Open Thread" updates to the DC Comics Facebook page, one for each scheduled panel. There you can leave the question you would want to ask if you were able to wait in line for a turn at the microphone. We'll pick a couple of the questions we receive on Facebook and have the panelists address them so you can have your voice heard regardless of where you are. Make sure to watch not only our Facebook page but also our Twitter profile and YouTube channel (we told you we have a YouTube channel, right?) for updates from throughout New York Comic-Con. We have lots of good stuff lined up and want to make sure you don't miss a beat.