flashpoint_fri_white A few weeks back, we posted an open call for questions about FLASHPOINT with promises of answers to come and to end this week's FLASHPOINT FRIDAY, DC Comics Executive Editor Eddie Berganza will be answering the first of those questions, this one from Source reader shugtastic: Will there be any long-term ramifications of Flashpoint (story elements that carry on in the months or years that follow) or will the Flashpoint story conclude after the Flashpoint and all connected minis are released?

"The fun part of FLASHPOINT is that it leads to this level of wild speculation. All I would say right now is that the speculation hasn't been wild enough. The last thing anyone should do is to hold back their imagination."
There you have it, folks. profzoomevil Keep checking the Source for the latest DC news, and come back next week for more FLASHPOINT Friday. We're just getting started.