Eric Wallace talks "Family Reunions" and TITANS 30

Eric Wallace talks "Family Reunions" and TITANS...

By David Hyde Wednesday, December 15th, 2010
"This issue is all about doors opening and closing. For Deathstroke, his mission to free the Mad Hatter and rescue Wavelength (Allegra Garcia) was a success, but his team trusts him less now that ever before. This forces him to open a very big door, literally. And it’s one whose secret was first hinted at back in Titans #24. What’s behind this door shakes up the Titans in a very big way, especially where the Tattooed Man is concerned. Another huge door is opened with the arrival of this issue’s guest-stars, the JLA, who are divided over what to do about Ryan Choi’s disappearance. But what they don’t realize is that the more they try to close the door on this mystery, the more they open another, more dangerous door that leads directly to Deathstroke and the Titans. And yes, when the two teams finally meet… it’s gonna get ugly. Of course, what would a storyline called “Family Reunions” be without, well, a few reunions? Titans #30 has three critical ones, the biggest of which is between Roy Harper and Dick Grayson. These guys used to be teammates and the best of friends, but the fallout from Lian’s death has torn them apart. Fighting Clayface and the other Gotham Rogues provides and unorthodox, but perhaps final chance to re-open the door of friendship that used to connect them. Yes, Dick’s still hopeful he can bring Roy back from the brink! But as you might guess, it’s gonna be tough going, because Deathstroke needs Roy and he’s not letting him go without a fight – at least not until his master plan is complete. Fortunately for Slade, the ending of Titans #30 brings him one step closer to accomplishing it. "--Eric Wallace

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