BMROB_Cv16_ds.indd First off – have you read BATMAN AND ROBIN #16? If not, take a moment, step away from your computer (how often will I tell you to do that, huh?) and head to your local shop. Pick up the issue, read it and come back. All done? How about that last scene? Brings new meaning to the term “This Just Happened.” Alright, let’s roll. Click below. bmrbbvr_dlx_dj-red2 Over at THE ASSOCIATED PRESS, the news is out – and it changes the status quo for the Dark Knight drastically. Bruce Wayne is back, and after teaming up with the Dynamic Duo of Dick Grayson as Batman and Damian as Robin to defeat the haunting Dr. Hurt – who’s plagued Batman since the very beginning of Grant’s run on Batman and throughout the pages of BATMAN AND ROBIN v1 and v2, the billionaire playboy made a startling announcement: “Some of you may have wondered…How does a man like Batman afford to constantly update his crime-fighting technology? Where does his money come from? “Well, the answer is me.” bmrob_16_dylux-37-copy bmrob_16_dylux-39-copy That’s right. In front of a shocked crowd, Bruce Wayne returned to the city he called home after a mysterious absence (one chronicled in the pages of Grant Morrison’s multi-part epic BATMAN: THE RETURN OF BRUCE WAYNE) to not only reveal he’d been funding Batman for years, but also that he planned to expand said funding to create the multinational organization known as BATMAN INCORPORATED. bmrobbr This turn of events marks the latest chapter break in what has become an epic, novelistic take on the Dark Knight crafted by the kinetic genius that is Grant Morrison. And there’s no better time to jump onboard and join the story – today marks the end of Grant’s impressive run on BATMAN AND ROBIN, but also signals the beginning of a new, exciting era in the pages of BATMAN INCORRPORATED – where the after effects of this issue will ring out for quite some time. Not caught up? You’re in luck. BATMAN AND ROBIN v2: BATMAN VS. ROBIN, a Deluxe Edition collecting the second storyline from BATMAN AND ROBIN by Grant and some of the best artists in the business hits comic shops today and bookstores next Tuesday. What better time to sign up for BATMAN INCORPORATED?