static One of the most beloved characters to come out of the Milestone/DC partnership and a presence in TEEN TITANS (not to mention a star of his own cartoon series), Static will be starring in his own ongoing series, launching in 2011 and written by Felicia Henderson. We’ll have more details on the series – including the art team – in the coming months, so stay tuned to this very blog. In the meantime, lets check in with Felicia about what her plans are for the series: "When I met Dan DiDio, the first character we ever discussed was Static. Writing Teen Titans gave me an opportunity to play with this character a little. Now he's getting his own book and I'm writing it! I'm a big Dwayne McDuffie's fan, so it's a privilege to reimagine the coming-of-age of a character he created. If not for the big bang, Static would be a regular, awkward, teenage guy trying to find himself -- chasing girls, playing video games, downloading underground mixes of his favorite music. Instead, he has no time to find himself because the call of the superhero has found him. It's a comic book writing dream for me."