“George Perez would like to draw a story for Wonder Woman #600, and he wants you to write it.” What? George Perez what? He wants WHO to write it? I’ve had some amazing experiences as a writer in the time I’ve been at DC Comics, but every comic writer will tell you there’re few things as thrilling as working with an artist you’ve adored for years. Every assignment is special and important, but writing JLA for Jose Garcia Lopez, writing Superman for John Byrne, or writing a Black Canary story for Michael Golden, well, those are moments a writer lives for. But this is Wonder Woman, and this is George Perez. You have to understand. I love Wonder Woman. And George is the biggest reason why. The buttkicking, compassionate, brilliant, daring, courageous, loving Princess Diana that we all know, no one made her come alive like George. He told her adventures in a way that made me feel like someone cared that I was in the audience. He took her creator’s template and made it soar even higher. He gave her a heart and a mind and a soul that still resonate today. When comics were getting more about brutality, George’s Wonder Woman was literate, charming, funny, daring, and everyone knew this was it, this was the game-changer for Diana. When the world wasn’t quite interesting enough to hold her, he rebuilt the world around her; horrid, scary villains, terrific supporting characters, and the best sisters anyone could ever have in the mighty Amazons. George is a hero of mine for too many reasons to count. I never see him doing anything at a con for himself, he’s always rushing to one charity signing or another. He encourages and inspires creators with tireless generosity. When many creators think tearing down is the way to create interest, George is a builder. To put it bluntly, I can’t imagine what the DCU would be like now without his influence. Teen Titans, Crisis On Infinite Earths, and so many more. And Wonder Woman. Writing this short little story for issue #600’s celebration, just a little tale about where people find inspiration, for George to draw was one of the happiest experiences I’ve ever had as a writer. And of COURSE I stuck in a zillion characters and a huge fight scene, and of course…George nailed it. With an industrial strength nail gun. See for yourself, he’s still the best. Like everyone, I’m excited to see what the new creative team handles the greatest action heroine ever created. I wish them the best of luck and huge success. It’s an awesome responsibility writing Diana, but also intimidating because a certain writer/artist set the bar so unbelievably freaking high. Thank you, George. You’re a wonder.