bestofdc16 It all starts with Superman. My life long obsession with comics began at age four, when my Mom bought me a DC Blue Ribbon Digest at the grocery store one week. That little pocket sized volume reprinted classic Superman stories from the 50's, 60'' s and 70's. Of course I didn't know that at the time, to my young eyes they were all new and all exciting. I distinctly remember sitting and attempting to copy the opening splash from the classic Superman Red/Superman Blue issue by Curt Swan. That was it. For better or for worse I was hooked. My love of comics has taken me all over the cartoon map over the years, but I always come back to the DC heroes of my childhood. And no matter when I return, standing there fists on hips, red cape blowing, is Superman. There have been so many classic Superman comics over the years, but my personal favorites have to be Morrision and Quitely's All-Star Superman, and Alan Moore's farewell to the Silver Age "Whatever Happpened To The Man of Tomorrow?". Both capture everything that is great about the character and everything I love about reading comics. But now it seems the days of me being an impartial fan of Superman have ended. I've been asked to write the new Superboy monthly series at DC! And, while it may not be Clark Kent flying around Smallville anymore, I can't help but feel I'm still a part of his 75 year legacy. Artist Pier Gallo and I are proud to join The Superman Family, and even prouder to be a part of his anniversary celebration in SUPERMAN #700! I've been lucky enough to contribute a small essay outlining some of my plans for Conner Kent in that milestone issue. You'll also find a sneak peek at some of Pier's amazingly detailed artwork as well. Comics are my life. I live and breath them every day and it all started with Superman, Curt Swan and a small grocery store in Essex County, Canada. Thanks Mom.