brightestday10 One of the key elements in BRIGHTEST DAY beyond returning characters like Aquaman and Martian Manhunter, is the introduction of entire new heroes, villains and worlds as well. Just as we’ve built a bigger universe of characters around Green Lantern with Atrocitus, Larfleeze and Indigo, we’re all busy at work turning our attention on adding heroes, villains and worlds within the rest of the DC Universe. In the coming weeks in BRIGHTEST DAY, you’ll meet a new alien killer who will become J’onn J’onzz’s greatest enemy, a world where Hawkman and Hawkgirl will discover a great secret about their past, the mysterious and deadly Siren and a young hero who’s about to get world wide exposure this fall beyond comics – the all-new Aqualad. When our YOUNG JUSTICE animated series for Cartoon Network was announced a few weeks ago (who ever thought we’d see an animated Miss Martian?! AW YEAH!) a lot of people asked who the new Aqualad was. And a lot of people thought they’d have to wait for the show to start. But you won’t. Aqualad’s story actually begins in a few short weeks in BRIGHTEST DAY #4. I won’t tell you much yet, but I will tell you – he has no idea he’s about to become Aqualad. In fact, he lives in one of the driest places in America – Silver City, New Mexico. Our goals with the DC Entertainment are to not only bring you BATMAN and SUPERMAN, but also introduce new characters in the comics and film, tv and animation simultaneously with our partners at Warner Brothers – in this case, the talented crew who’s heading up the YOUNG JUSTICE animated series, including Greg Weissman (who actually wrote CAPTAIN ATOM back in the day!). This is the tip of the iceberg at what we’ve got brewing ahead at DCE. Next time, I’ll talk about my conversation with Mark Strong and Sinestro. Until then remember – ALL WILL BE WELL, Geoff