Close out the week with another open thread: Favorite DC storyline?

Close out the week with another open thread: Favorite DC...

By DCE Editorial Friday, May 21st, 2010
Did you think we’d stop at just one? We liked the idea of polling creators on their favorite covers so much – and based on their response, they liked it, too – we decided to expand the question a bit: What’s your favorite DC Comics storyline of all time? So, Source readers, let your wheels start turning. What’s that one issue, storyline, etc. that stands above and beyond the others as your favorite DC Comics storyline? I know what mine is. Share yours in the comments below. And click below to see what Co-Publisher Dan DiDio and some of the biggest names in the comic book industry. have to say. And if that’s not enough, swing by GRAPHIC CONTENT and THE BLEED for another round. Have a great weekend. infinitecrisis DAN DIDIO, DC Comics Co-Publisher My favorite storyline -- from my time here -- has to be INFINITE CRISIS. Knowing the effort the team here put into the series and how tightly executed the story was from beginning to end, its everything I hoped it would be and just great comic book story telling. lobolastczarnian DAVID FINCH, BRIGHTEST DAY cover artist My favorite DC comics storyline is LOBO: THE LAST CZARNIAN, by Kieth Giffen, Alan Grant and Simon Bisley. I think I've read this book aout 500 million times now, and it always has something new that cracks me up. It's ideal reading for teenagers and misfits with deep set anger management issues. jloa172 STERLING GATES, SUPERGIRL writer, SUPERMAN: WAR OF THE SUPERMEN co-writer JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #’s 171 and 172 “The Murderer Among Us: Crisis Above Earth-One” and “I Accuse…” I fell in love with “The World’s Greatest Superheroes” as a result of this classic 1970’s Gerry Conway/Dick Dillin JLofA two-parter. “Mr. Terrific was strangled,” Superman says. “And since the Flashes proved that no one else is onboard but the JLA and the JSA, that leaves us with only one conclusion…one of US is a murderer.” And that’s just the end to part one! What a great cliffhanger! My father gave me #171 as we were getting in the car to leave for a family vacation one summer, and for the rest of the trip I was dying to know what happened in issue #172. I sat in the back of my dad’s car, pouring sweat in the Texas heat, trying to figure out whom amongst the heroes could possibly be the killer. It had to be one of the Justice Society, right? I mean, they wouldn’t make any of the Justice Leaguers killers, would they? Would they?! Unfortunately, back issues weren’t easy to come by at that point (pre-eBay, mind you), so it was a couple years before I found out just who murdered poor Terry Sloane. When I did find out? Did not see it coming. At all. (And no, I’m not gonna spoil it for you here.) dccomp13 JUDD WINICK, JUSTICE LEAGUE: GENERATION LOST co-writer My favorite story line is not a story line, it's 2 issues. DC COMICS PRESENT: SUPERMAN #13 and 14. It's INSANE in it's concept, BUT incredibly emotional. An adult Pete Ross' son is kidnapped by aliens. Pete FINALLY tells Clark that he KNOWS he's Superman ( Clark NEVER knew!), and Pete begs Supes to save his son. BUT Superman "fails" to save Pete's boy. Pete, distraught, takes revenge by--dig this--pulling Superboy out the past, swamping minds with Superboy, and then goes off AS Superboy and puts a beating on Superman. Who saves the day? Krypto. It was wonderfully insane, BUT hits so many emotional beats that even as a 9 year old, I was deeply moved. I haven't read it 30 years, but it has always stayed with me. sthing21 BRIAN AZZARELLO, FIRST WAVE writer SAGA OF THE SWAMP THING #21- "The Anatomy Lesson". Alan Moore's second Swamp Thing issue literally blew up- or should I say "grew up" comics. Reading it is one of the "I remember where I was when I" moments in my life. bmy1 JIMMY PALMIOTTI, JONAH HEX co-writer My favorite batman storyline ever is BATMAN : YEAR ONE. it features both frank miller and dave mazzucchelli at their peak. this is the book i have read and re-read so many times i have two copies and both are worn out. its the best batman story ever told and as far as art goes, its the textbook in teaching new artists how to tell a story. bmnmlv1 DUSTIN NGUYEN, BATMAN: STREETS OF GOTHAM artist Besides the classic BATMAN: YEAR ONE and such, i did like the NO MAN'S LAND crossover event a lot. Gotham was always a bit more on the realistic side of cities within comics, and a natural disaster like an earthquake was just a fitting way to shake up events for the Batman Universe. Honestly though, i'd have blown out both of Joker's knee caps." jli FRANCO, TINY TITANS writer/artist The storyline that sticks out in my head? So many that I love!!!!! As I'm thinking, the first one that pops into my head is the new JUSTICE LEAGUE series by Keith Giffen and J.M. DeMatteis! It didn't have any of the big guns in it except for Batman but it was soooo good! It was funny too ( I'm a humor guy as if you couldn't tell) but the best part and why it sticks out in my mind? Batman takes down Green Lantern with just one punch! darkknightreturns JT KRUL, GREEN ARROW writer Probably going to be on many people's list, but I have to go with THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS. Just an incredible game-changing story. It redefined not only Batman but essentially comics in general in terms of what they could be - and it's impact is still apparent to this day. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome.